Snowboarding a Hay Field? Sending It on Flat Ground

What do you do if you want to snowboard, but everything around you is flat? This snowboarder found a solution.

This little 5-minute gem of a video brought to us by Red Bull is especially entertaining. Here’s some background: Minnesota snowboarder Benny Milam was struggling with the closures of ski areas due to COVID-19. So he built his own park.

But ramps and jumps on flat snow don’t make for very fun shredding — until you have someone to tow you up to speed. Enter snowmobile legend Levi LaVallee. You know where this is going.

With the help of a picturesque and snowy Minnesotan field and a few bales of hay, Milam is able to send it to his heart’s content. If you’re wondering how crazy the makeshift jumps can get, just watch to find out.

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