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2023 Buell Baja 1190: Big, Fast, US-Made Dirt Bike

2023 buell baja 1190(Photo/Buell)
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A testing team put the beefy 2023 Buell Baja 1190 prototype through its paces in Michigan last week on its way to a 2023 rollout. Here’s what we know.

How fast is Buell’s Baja 1190? According to its maker, no production dirt bike is faster. But you’ll have to wait to find out just how fast that is — just like the rest of us.

Buell did not respond to a request for clarification as of this writing.

There’s a lot we don’t know. Buell has only released stoke photos from testing, snippets of specs, and a preorder module on its website. Oh, and a price tag that’s hard to ignore: a $19,995 “estimated” starting price.

2023 buell baja 1190 DR
The Baja 1190 DR (Dune Racer); (photo/Buell)

2023 Buell Baja 1190: Features & Availability

What we can tell you is this big bike has a liquid-cooled, 72-degree V-twin engine with 102 pound-feet of torque and 185 horsepower.

True to its Michigan roots, Buell designed the dirt bike in the U.S., and its build process takes place here as well.

The Baja 1190 gets a trellis frame and adjustable swingarm for a 64- to 70-inch wheelbase. It comes with an industry-standard dirt bike seat height of 37.5 inches with a 26.75-degree rake.

If the beastly bike looks familiar, that’s because it’s the direct descendant of the Ulysses, Buell’s dual-sport, on/off-road bike.

In Buell’s testing footage, it looks like it kicks hard when you give it the spurs on dirt, mud, sand, or hardpack.

Buell CEO Bill Melvin confirmed the “world’s fastest” claims in a press release. He pointed to the company’s ambition to refocus attention on performance riding to the U.S.-built market.

“We’re engineering the world’s fastest, solely U.S.-built, off-road bike. Less than 1% of the world is covered in pavement,” said Melvin.

“Buell’s Baja 1190 is designed to dominate the other 99.7%. This bike elevates the Buell brand to even greater heights and brings back the passion for American performance motorcycles.”

No other information was available as of this writing. You can preorder the Baja 1190 DR (Dune Racer, with a rear sand tire) on Buell’s website.

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