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2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3 ADV Moto Riding Suit Review: Certified Better Than the Competition

After 6 weeks of adventure riding across Europe, our reviewer found the 2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3 Jacket and Pants to be the ultimate combo. It's rugged, versatile, and ultra-protective, but this level of bad-assery does come with a very large price tag.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3Klim Badlands Pro A3 Jacket & Pants and Husqvarna Norden 901; (photo/Trevor Angel)
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Following recovery from a rather ungraceful get-off, I embarked on a mission to find the best all-weather armored adventure gear money can buy. While I was licking my wounds, my quest for the holy grail of adventure gear ended when Klim launched its next-generation Badlands Pro A3 Jacket and Pants in early 2023.

In short: The Klim Badlands Pro A3 adventure riding suit not only lived up to my rigorous requirements but far exceeded my expectations.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3


  • MSRP Jacket: $1,500 / Pants: $970
  • Construction outer shell 3-Layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell, Vectran, CORDURA, SuperFabric, leather
  • Lining Klimatek cooling mesh (sleeves), moisture-wicking & breathable mesh (torso)
  • Armor Klim Aero Pro D3O CE level 2 vented armor in shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees; D3O Viper Pro level 2 vented back pad; D3O tailbone pad; perforated XRD chest pads (D3O CE Level 1 split chest pads optional)
  • Ventilation Jacket: 8 intake and 4 exhaust vents, collar tabs; Pants: 2 intake, 2 exhaust, 2 side vents
  • Storage Jacket: 10 external, 4 internal pockets, internal hydration bladder pocket; Pants: 2 large cargo pockets
  • Fit Roomy with adjustability via kidney belt, Velcro, zippers, cinch cords, and straps
  • Colors Monument Gray – Petrol; Stealth Black; Petrol – Potter’s Clay
  • Sizes Jacket: SM-MD-LG-XL-2X-3X;
  • Pants Regular: 32-34-36-38-40-42 & Short: 30-32-34-36-38-40 & Tall: 32-34-36-38


  • Ultra-abrasion-resistant (CE AAA-rated)
  • Excellent impact protection (CE level 2)
  • Guaranteed waterproof (3-layer GORE-TEX Pro)
  • Guaranteed crash damage replacement
  • Extremely durable
  • All-weather & 4-season versatility
  • Plenty of storage (16 pockets)
  • Exceptional ventilation (18 vents)
  • Roomy, adjustable fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Many sizes (Jackets: 6 / Pants: 16)


  • Large price tag
  • Heavy (but less than standard Badlands Pro)
  • Hydration bladder not included
  • Kidney belt retracts into storage compartment
2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3 Jacket & Pants in Monument Gray – Petrol; (photo/Klim)

Selection Criteria for Technical Riding Gear

After my recent mishap, impact and abrasion protection was the highest priority in my selection criteria for new technical riding gear. Aiming for the highest level of impact protection, I only considered gear with CE Level 2 protectors. For the outer shell, I wanted a technical fabric with the highest resistance against abrasion, tearing, and cutting.

That criterion includes sturdy seams stitched with high-tensile-strength sewing thread to ensure the integrity of the chassis. Your skin still risks being shredded if the seams get torn apart while sliding along the asphalt.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3: Top Safety Rating

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3

What caught my attention, making the Klim Badlands Pro A3 (BLP A3) unique, is that it’s the first-ever GORE-TEX textile motorcycle garment that received a CE AAA rating certified to EN17092-2. If you’re not familiar with the CE rating system, obtaining the top rating for complying with the requirements set out in the EN17902 norms is a pretty big deal for a GORE-TEX-lined garment.

The European health, safety, and environmental protection standards are the most rigorous in the world. So far, no other GORE-TEX textile motorcycle garment has obtained this coveted CE AAA safety rating.

EN17902: The CE Safety Rating Standard for Motorcycle PPE

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3

As motorcyclists, most of us wear riding gear, but do we know what those safety-rating labels sewn into the lining stand for? If not, the following synopsis will present what you need to know. 

The EN17902 is the harmonized CE standard — CE stands for “Conformité Européenne” (French for European Conformity) — governing the safety rating of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). More specifically, motorcycle clothing for leisure use. The CE is the world’s most elaborate and rigorous safety test and rating system for a broad range of products and materials.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3

Under EN17092, products are tested against the norms specified in five rating categories: AAA, AA, A, B, and C. The A-class rates combined abrasion and impact protection, and B and C-class rates, respectively, only abrasion and impact protectors. 

The CE rating system for impact protection (C-class) has two levels: Level 1 protectors whereby the maximum transmitted force upon impact cannot exceed 18 kN. Level 2 offers double the impact protection, not exceeding 9 kN.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3

The EN17092 regulation for protective motorcycle gear has divided the body into three zones ranging from the highest risk (zone 1) to low-risk zones (zone 3) for impact and abrasion.

The CE AAA certification is the highest possible rating for impact and abrasion protection. It’s usually only achieved by leather racing suits and heavy, bulky, stiff pants or hi-tech base layers made from space-age, nonwoven composite fibers (such as Bowtex Elite base layer). But none of those AAA-certified garments carry the coveted GORE-TEX label.

ADV Gear: The Swiss Army Knife of Motorcycle Apparel

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
(Photo/Trevor Angel)

Following the fast-growing popularity of adventure (ADV) and dual-sport (DS) motorcycling, most gear manufacturers jumped on the gravy train and started catering to ADV/DS riders. But surprisingly few brands excel in this particular segment. The reason for this lack of excellence lies in the difficulty of achieving the main objective of the design brief: versatility. 

Similar to ADV motorcycles, ADV gear has to be versatile to cover a broad spectrum of riding applications and weather conditions. From riding in pouring rain, to lane-splitting in sweltering heat, to crawling up a gnarly mountain track, to standing on the pegs while fishtailing through desert sand, to traveling down the highway on a cold winter night, to … you get the picture.

This broad spectrum of applications requires ADV gear to be the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycle apparel. The ADV apparel segment separates the men from the boys. It’s where manufacturers showcase their know-how in making versatile apparel that maximizes comfort and protection from the elements and crashes.

Klim: A Success Story

Klim, an Idaho-based brand, is renowned for its superior-quality motorcycle and snowmobile gear. But that was not the case when I bought my first Klim off-road pants in 2004. Back then, Klim was a new motorcycle gear brand I had never heard of, but a friend in the trade offered me such a sweet deal that I bought two pairs. My pants were part of Klim’s first off-road apparel collection launched that year.

In the ensuing years, Klim developed a reputation among hard-core snowmobile and off-road/ADV riders for producing the toughest technical riding gear on the planet. Klim’s radical “No Compromise” approach to quality has made it a household name at the pinnacle of the adventure powersports outfitters industry. 

But this remarkable success story and Klim’s market leadership didn’t occur by happenstance. Through innovation and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Klim continuously pushes the boundaries of technical garments.

Launched in 2011, the top-tier Badlands Pro (BLP) has become Klim’s bestseller. This made the brand famous and the envy of its competitors. 

With the BLP having reached iconic status, Klim could easily have rested on its laurels and continued to milk its cash cow. But the folks at Klim’s HQ in Idaho are wired differently, as “good enough” is not part of their lexicon. 

Instead of being satisfied with racking up sales, the company spared no expense and effort in taking the BLP to the next level. And that higher level was a new milestone, not only for Klim but also for the entire industry. 

The Klim Badlands Pro A3 was awarded the first-ever CE AAA certification for a GORE-TEX textile motorcycle garment. The R&D collaboration with Klim’s material suppliers made this remarkable achievement possible.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3 Review: A New Benchmark

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3

A marvel of advanced design and innovative fabric technology, Klim’s new flagship ADV combo has moved the benchmark against which all other high-end ADV motorcycle gear will be measured.

Thanks to cutting-edge technical fabrics and improved pattern design, the BLP A3 is stronger, tougher, lighter, and more cut- and abrasion-resistant than any other ADV garments currently on the market — according to Klim, my testing, and demonstrated by the CE AAA rating.

But this begs the question: why was AA until now the highest CE rating that GORE-TEX ADV gear could achieve? Was the competition sleeping at the wheel? Or had the ADV gear industry acquiesced in the fact that no AAA-rated fabric existed that let enough water vapor through to meet the exacting standards of GORE-TEX?  

Producing a triple-A garment — even a waterproof one — is not a technical challenge. The crux of the matter lies in making one that breathes enough for the GORE-TEX membrane to function. Without a high level of breathability of the outer shell, the ePTFE membrane is ineffective in evacuating vapor, and GORE-TEX will refuse its use.

Klim accepted this seemingly insurmountable challenge and went to work with its suppliers. Together, they developed state-of-the-art materials that could not only pass but also exceed the most demanding tests. For the BLP, Klim worked with the manufacturers of CORDURA, SuperFabric, and D3O. And now Vectran was added as the BLP A3’s main outer shell material.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
(Photo/Trevor Angel)

Impressive Suit Equals Big Money

Given the investment in R&D and the cost of manufacturing these space-age materials, it’s no surprise that Klim’s crown jewel is pricey. The MSRP for the jacket is $1,500 and $970 for the pants.

But before you raise your eyebrows at this price tag, you should know that it includes a replacement guarantee of garments damaged in a crash. As far as I know, that’s unheard of in the motorcycle apparel industry.

But still, that’s a big chunk of money for riding apparel. However, it only takes one injurious crash to realize that penny-pinching on riding gear makes zero sense.

When things go pear-shaped, you’ll want all the protection you can get. Sliding along the asphalt, the price you paid for protection — read: for preventing skin grafts — will be the least of your concern. And protection is what the BLP A3 delivers at a hitherto unsurpassed level.

Taking the BLP A3 to the Testing Grounds

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
(Photo/Trevor Angel)

While packing my luggage for my flight to Spain, where a Husqvarna Norden 901 was waiting for me, my spirit soared at the prospect of riding a motorcycle again instead of a wheelchair. My 6-week-long journey across several European mountain ranges and climate zones would offer a good opportunity to test the new BLP A3, the Husqvarna Norden 901, and my brand-new artificial body parts. 

My orthopedic surgeon had given me the green light for this test ride, on condition of a gentle break-in period. I suppose he referred to the Norden 901. Although I take my testing duties seriously, my wife asked me to refrain this time from volunteering to be the crash test dummy. A reasonable request, given that my previous test ride in Thailand ended catastrophically.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
(Photo/Trevor Angel)

After collecting the bike from Dakar Rally legend, Norden 901 and Klim Ambassador, and Races-to-Places RTW adventurer, Lyndon Poskitt in Malaga, I embarked on my journey. I rode nonstop twisties across the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalusia toward the southernmost point of Portugal. From there, I headed north across the Algarve toward the Pyrenees, the Massif Central, and the Alps. 

After exploring the Trans Euro Trail (TET) network in France and Spain last year, I would ride the Adventure Country Tracks (ACT) in Portugal and the Pyrenees this time. The ACT is the European equivalent of the Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) in the U.S., and if you haven’t ridden any of them, you should put them high on your bucket list.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
(Photo/Trevor Angel)

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3: The Specs Explained & Evaluated

Let’s look at the specs of the BLP A3 and elaborate on its features and my experience on the European battlefields with this armored suit.


  • GORE-TEX 3-Layer Pro Shell
  • Guaranteed to keep you dry
  • Custom-engineered variable-density SuperFabric on shoulders, elbows, forearms, and knees
  • Vectran fiber fabric for superior abrasion & cut resistance
  • Leather on inner knees for grip/protection
  • 3M Scotchlite Carbon Black Reflective Material
  • Biomotion recognition
  • YKK water-resistant zippers
  • Double-headed front zipper on jacket
  • Pending CE AAA rating certified to EN 17092-2

The BLP A3 chassis shares the majority of the shell/construction details listed above with its CE AA-rated sibling, the BLP. The only significant difference is the main outer shell material, which is Vectran (more on that later).

GORE-TEX 3-Layer Pro Shell: Guaranteed to Keep You Dry

Thanks to the GORE-TEX 3-Layer Pro Shell and the YKK water-resistant zippers, Klim guarantees the BLP A3 will keep you dry. This claim is not just a marketing slogan, as Klim’s customer service is renowned for backing up its promise, evidenced by testimonial feedback on social media and forums.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Water ingress prevention: sliders in the YKK zippers’ termination hoods; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

My personal experience with riding in pouring rain for hours on end showed zero leaks. I stayed bone dry, as expected. Still, this is no small achievement given the jacket has 20 external zippers (one main/front, 12 vents, and seven pockets), and the pants have nine zippers (one fly, six vents, two pockets). To prevent water ingress, the zippers’ termination points feature hoods to push the sliders into.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
GORE-TEX 3-Layer Pro Shell; (photo/Klim)

The GORE-TEX 3-Layer Pro Shell is a laminated construction combining a sturdy, abrasion-resistant exterior fabric, the breathing/waterproof GORE-TEX membrane in the middle, and the membrane’s nylon backing material on the interior. The expanded PTFE membrane is durably bonded to both the rugged outer shell fabric and the membrane’s woven substrate. The advantage of the three-layer lamination is that it feels and behaves like a single layer, reducing weight and improving the flexibility of the chassis.

Ultra-Abrasion-Resistant SuperFabric

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
SuperFabric on the knees of the BLP A3; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

The high-impact and abrasion-prone zones, namely the shoulders, elbows, forearms, and knees are covered with custom-engineered, variable-density SuperFabric, an ultra-abrasion-resistant hybrid material. SuperFabric consists of a dense pattern of tiny, round, embossed ceramic dots or guard plates printed upon a durable, flexible, breathable base layer. Heat and water vapor can pass through this backing material and the gaps between the ceramic dots.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
SuperFabric on the elbows of the BLP A3; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

Unlike leather or fabrics that scrape or shred under abrasive friction, ceramic plates generate considerably less friction when sliding along the asphalt. Thanks to ceramic technology, SuperFabric is 10 times more abrasion-resistant than aramid (Kevlar) and twice that of leather.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Leather panels on the inside of the knees; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

The leather panels on the inside of the knees are useful when you stand riding off-road. The leather not only prevents melting the pants’ fabric when touching the engine or exhaust, but it also offers better grip when standing on the pegs and clamping the bike with your knees.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Material labels of the BLP A3; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

Vectran: Space-Age Triple-A Fiber Fabric

Where the BLP A3 diverges from the AA-rated BLP is in the technical fabrics used to construct the outer shell of the chassis. Earlier editions of the BLP had chassis panels of FPL 400 and SPL 200 GORE-TEX 3-Layer Pro Shell combined with Karbonite 500D Ripstop and Cordura 630D. The third generation of the BLP saw the addition of SuperFabric in high-friction zones.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Vectran outer shell; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

The main material used for the outer shell differentiates the BLP A3 from the CE AA-rated standard BLP version, which remains available. The main panels in the BLP A3 chassis are made of Vectran Fiber Fabric, which offers superior abrasion and cut resistance. Vectran is thinner, lighter, and more flexible than CORDURA, which is noticeable when you hold the BLP A3 next to the standard BLP.

Vectran is a high-performance multifilament polyester yarn spun from a liquid-crystal polymer. Compared to Kevlar (aramid), it has superior abrasion resistance (3x more), the same tensile strength (5x stronger than steel), and better resistance to strong acids and alkalis. 

Apart from better resisting abrasion, another significant advantage of Vectran is that it doesn’t transfer heat generated by abrasive friction as Kevlar does. The problem with Kevlar’s thermal conductivity is that you can suffer burn wounds even if the aramid fabric remains intact during a slide. 

Vectran is genuinely a space-age technical fiber, as it’s frequently used in applications for NASA (space suits, airbags for landing vehicles on Mars, etc.).

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3

Klim is so convinced of the SuperFabric and Vectran fabric holding up in a crash that the BLP A3 comes with a crash damage replacement guarantee. A bolder statement of confidence in the quality of Klim products is hardly thinkable.

2023 BLP A3 Armor System

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
KLIM AERO PRO D3O CE Level 2 armor for BLP A3; (photo/Klim)


  • KLIM AERO PRO D3O CE Level 2 vented shoulder armor
  • KLIM AERO PRO D3O CE Level 2 vented adjustable elbow armor
  • Limb- and side-specific pads for optimized coverage and stability during crash
  • D3O Viper Pro CE Level 2 vented back pad
  • Spacer mesh back pad pocket
  • Kidney belt with access ports in the liner to easily adjust and stow away the belt
  • Perforated XRD Impact Protection Foam chest pads (upgradable to D3O CE Level 1 split chest pads, available separately)


  • KLIM AERO PRO D3O CE Level 2 vented hip armor
  • KLIM AERO PRO D3O CE Level 2 vented adjustable knee armor
  • KLIM AERO PRO D3O CE Level 2 coccyx armor
  • Limb- and side-specific pads for optimized coverage and stability during a crash
2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
KLIM AERO PRO D3O CE Level 2 armor for BLP A3; (photo/Klim)

D3O, the material used for the impact protection pads, is a colloid (a polymer suspended in an oily, liquid lubricant). It greatly outperforms traditional foam-based protection. 

D3O appears to perform magical trickery. As a non-Newtonian material, it’s soft and flexible in its resting state but stiffens instantaneously upon impact to disperse the energy across the pad’s surface area. By absorbing and dissipating the energy from the impact, D3O reduces the amount of force transmitted to the body.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
D3O Viper Pro CE Level 2 vented back pad; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

To achieve the high breathability required by GORE-TEX, Klim collaborated with D3O, its armor supplier, to develop Level 2 vented armor pads that offer five times more ventilation.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
KLIM AERO PRO D3O CE Level 2 vented adjustable knee armor; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

The vented D3O armor pads are limb- and side-specific to optimize coverage and stability during a fall. Also, the internal mesh pockets for the knee and elbow armor have sewn-in Velcro strips to adjust the position of the D3O pads, which I did for my knees.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
KLIM AERO PRO D3O CE Level 2 vented adjustable shoulder armor; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

The BLP A3 fully met my requirements for impact protection. Its D3O armor is certified to Level 2, the highest CE rating for impact protectors. I was impressed by how thick and large (44% more coverage) the D3O armor is, which is reassuring. Thanks to the many big ventilation holes, the pads are lighter than you’d expect given their large size and thickness.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Perforated XRD chest pads (upgradable to D3O CE Level 1 pads, avail. separately); (photo/J.M. Staelens)

The jacket comes stock with a pair of perforated XRD impact protection foam chest pads (yellow pad on the right in the above photo), but I upgraded to the much thicker D3O CE Level 1 split chest vented pads that are available separately (orange pad on the left in photo).

As mentioned earlier, I’m serious about testing, and I can confirm that the D3O armor absorbs impacts flawlessly. But just don’t ask me how I know (in case my wife, surgeon, or medical insurance agent comes across this review). Let’s just say that the “uncontrolled experimental test” on this trip was a replica of the one that befell me during that fateful test ride in Thailand. Thanks to the D3O protection impeccably bearing the brunt of the impact, my prosthesis remained intact.

And thus, the BLP A3 already paid for itself. If anyone questions the price tag of the BLP A3, let me assure you that it pales in comparison to the cost of surgery.

2023 BLP A3 Ventilation

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Exhaust vents on sleeve and back; (photo/Trevor Angel)


  • 2 Massive adjustable wrist vents w/dual zippers
  • 4 Core vents (2 can function as pockets)
  • 2 Bicep intake vents
  • 2 Tricep exhaust vents
  • 2 Back exhaust vents
  • Collar tab back for increased airflow to upper chest
2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Thigh exhaust vents; (photo/J.M. Staelens)


  • 2 Thigh intake vents
  • 2 Thigh exhaust vents
  • 2 Lower leg side vents

With so many vents, you may wonder if it’s not overkill. On a hot day when riding with all the vents open, you may not be fully aware of how much air flows through them. But when the temperature drops, you realize that a massive amount of air is streaming through the strategically placed intake and exhaust vents. Thanks to the spacious fit, the air is unobstructed and flows freely around your torso and limbs.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Tabs to keep the collar open; (photo/Trevor Angel)

I frequently used the collar tabs to keep the collar open. It’s a simple but smart way to effectively enhance ventilation around the neck and upper chest without the upper front panels of the jacket flapping in the wind.

I’ve had a ton of motorcycle gear in half a century of motorcycling on five continents. And the BLP A3 is the best-ventilated, all-weather, four-season jacket and pants I’ve ever worn, bar none. I commend Klim’s designers for getting the ventilation spot-on. 

BLP A3 Storage


  • 2 Water-resistant gusseted hand cargo pockets
  • Internal organizer compartments in the right-hand pocket
  • 1 Waterproof externally accessible Napoleon pocket
  • 2 Vertical gusseted chest pockets
  • 2 Vertical core pockets (can function as vents)
  • 1 Chest utility pocket
  • 2 Lower internal zippered stash pockets
  • 1 Vertical inside chest stash pocket
  • External MOLLE-compatible chest utility panel
  • 1 Forearm emergency ID stat card / hidden stash pocket
  • 1 Concealed document pocket behind back pad
  • 1 Large dual-access gusseted back pocket
  • Internal hydration bladder compartment w/internal hose routing options (compatible with KLIM Hydrapak 2L and 3L, available separately)
  • TPR pocket tabs for easier gloved access  


  • 2 Thigh billowed cargo pockets
  • Internal organizer compartments in left-hand pocket 
  • External MOLLE-compatible thigh utility panel
2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Two large cargo pockets on legs; (photo/Klim)

With 16 pockets in total, I can’t imagine anyone wanting more storage in the BLP A3. Combined, the jacket’s 10 external and four internal pockets and the pants’ two large cargo pockets have the storage capacity of a daypack.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Dual-access gusseted back pocket; (photo/Klim)

I found the dual-access, gusseted back pocket to be very practical, as it offers large storage with easy access without having to take the jacket off. I frequently used it for storing a midlayer, rain and cold-weather gloves, and maps.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Garmin inReach Mini 2 satellite communicator/PLB attached to MOLLE utility panel on chest; (photo/J.M. Staelens)

Smart details of the pockets show Klim incrementally improves its designs. The internal organizer compartment in the right pocket. The forearm emergency ID stat card/hidden stash pocket. A concealed “secret” document pocket behind the back pad. Pocket tabs for gloved access. Even MOLLE-compatible utility panels.

Having so many pockets may be a blessing for storing frequently used items for easy access, but can easily be a curse. You’d better have a system in place, otherwise, you’ll be continually unzipping and rummaging through the pockets searching for an item you need. 

2023 BLP A3 Fit & Comfort

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3


  • Action-back gusseted shoulders for comfort and mobility
  • Articulated seamless underarm gussets for mobility
  • KLIMATEK cooling mesh full-sleeve liners
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable, antimicrobial mesh torso liner
  • Soft collar liner
  • Adjustable cinch collar
  • 2 Quick-adjust bicep straps
  • 2 Quick-adjust forearm straps
  • Adjustable bottom hem
  • Adjustable Velcro + zipper cuffs
  • Articulated cuff for comfortable interface w/gloves
  • Soft leather cuff trim for comfort on wrist
  • Jacket-pant zip connection
  • Integrated jacket-stabilizing, removable, and adjustable kidney belt support system
  • Rider position articulation
2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3


  • Articulated seamless crotch gusset for mobility
  • KLIMATEK cooling mesh armor pad pockets and back of knee
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable, antimicrobial mesh liner
  • Velcro adjustable waist straps
  • 2 Quick-adjust knee straps
  • Zipper + snap adjustable bottom hem
  • Jacket-pant zip connection
  • Fits over off-road boots
  • Waterproof front zipper gusset
  • Rider position articulation
2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
(Photo/Trevor Angel)

Klim is known for the roomy fit of its apparel. Compared to the more figure-hugging garments of its main European competitors, Klim’s sizing is decidedly generous. Some might argue that the spacious fit doesn’t make for the most flattering apparel, but that’s irrelevant for ADV gear. It needs to be functional and versatile, offering comfort and protection from the elements in all temperatures and weather conditions.

Thanks to its roomy chassis, the ventilation is far more effective than if the jacket and pants had a tighter fit. The air coming in through the intake vents can freely flow through the ample space and mesh liner between the garment and body/limbs before exiting through the exhaust vents. To maximize ventilation, the quick-adjust straps on the forearms, biceps, and knees should be loose.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
Integrated jacket-stabilizing, removable, adjustable kidney belt; (photo/Klim)

Apart from offering lower back support, I found the integrated, stowable kidney belt effectively stabilized the jacket around my waist. This is particularly useful, as it prevents the jacket from billowing out when riding in hot weather with the front zipper partly open.

The spacious fit also pays dividends when it’s cold, as it allows for layering up with several midlayers without feeling restricted or rendering the thermal insulation ineffective because it’s unable to trap air. 

A third advantage of Klim’s roomy fit is that it offers ample freedom of movement, which is welcome when you’re riding off-road, shifting your body position while standing up on the pegs.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
(Photo/Trevor Angel)

The difference in sizing between Klim and its European competition may be due to the Euro brands having their roots in street riding whereby streamlined, tight-fitting apparel is customary. Contrastingly, Klim is rooted in snowmobiling and off-road riding, whereby thermal layering and mobility and freedom of movement are a top priority.

Klim Badlands Pro A3 Color & Sizing Options

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3

The BLP A3 comes in three colors: Stealth Black, Monument Gray – Petrol, and Petrol – Potter’s Clay.

The 2023 Badlands Pro A3 Jacket is available in SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X, and 3X. Badlands Pro A3 Pants come in regular (30 to 42), short (30 to 40), and tall (32 to 38).

As a reference, I measure 6’3″ and weigh 212 pounds. My jacket’s size is XL-Regular and my pants are size 36-Tall, and it fits me perfectly. Klim’s sizing chart is very helpful in establishing what size you should order and was spot-on in my case.

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3: Final Thoughts

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
(Photo/Trevor Angel)

Donning the Badlands Pro A3 feels like putting on armor, as it feels so tough and sturdy, exuding an air of invincibility. Touching the ceramic-plated SuperFabric overlays is enough to inspire confidence, as it feels indestructible.

At the same time, it’s very comfortable to wear thanks to the rugged but supple Vectran fabric, articulated position design, mobility-enhancing gussets, soft collar liner,  leather cuff trim, moisture-wicking, cooling mesh lining, and myriad ways to adjust the fit with the kidney belt — Velcro, zippers, cinch cords, and straps.

According to Klim, the 2023 Badlands Pro A3 is 17% stronger and 10% lighter than its CE AA-rated sibling, the standard Badlands Pro. That’s a significant improvement worth the few extra hundred dollars.

If you consider buying the BLP A3 — and you should — but the price tag makes you hesitate, ask yourself how much your safety and comfort are worth. Don’t think of it as a cost but as an investment that’ll keep you safe and comfortable for many years to come. If you’re looking for the most durable, versatile, protective, and ventilated GORE-TEX ADV jacket and pants on the planet, look no more: the Klim Badlands Pro A3 Jacket and Pants delivers all that, and more.

Full Riding Kit

2023 Klim Badlands Pro A3
(Photo/Trevor Angel)

The author wore the following apparel and gear during the 6-week Trans-European journey on the Husqvarna Norden 901:

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