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Pickup Topper Becomes Livable Pop-Top ‘Habitat’

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A flip-open topper build in a pickup truck bed gives standing room and large quarters in a new evolution of overland camping.

Flip Top pickup camper
AT Habitat prototype debut at Overland Expo West 2016

Pickup trucks are a staple adventuremobile platform for outdoor adventurers. They haul all your gear and a topper on back quickly provides shelter from the elements.

The AT Overland Equipment Tacoma Habitat takes this truck-camping concept to another level.

The Flip Pack flipped forward over the truck

Flip-Top Pickup Topper

The general concept is a flip-open roof on your truck topper that greatly expands camping comfort. The topper “flips” open to reveal a sleeping space above. A large utility area blooms in the truck bed.

It’s like a lovechild of a pop-top van and rooftop tent. It falls somewhere between a traditional truck topper and a slide-in camper.

The Habitat is designed for the midsize Toyota Tacoma, and fits 5- and 6-foot Tacoma beds from 1995 to present.

Tacoma Habitat: Flip-Top Advantages


The main advantages of this style of camping are the ease of setup and breakdown, a relatively large comfortable bed, and the ability to sit and stand inside the enclosed truck bed.

The interior living space is the real winner for this style of truck camping. Stand up to cook or change clothes, inside. When the weather turns or the bugs are out, this is a luxury no other compact adventure rig can offer.

There have been a number of versions of this style truck topper in the past; the WilderNest flipped open to the side of the vehicle and the FlipPac flipped open to the front of the vehicle. The new AT Habitat offers the third option, as it flips open off the back of the vehicle.

While really cool, this RV or camper alternative isn’t cheap. The Tacoma Habitat starts at about $8,000.

Tacoma Habitat

Shelter From Elements, Inside And Out

The main advantage of the rear flip is that the system creates an outdoor sheltered space off the rear of the vehicle, a great place to cook out or just enjoy time outside while out of the elements.

While the AT Habitat is currently only designed for the Toyota Tacoma, it is a versatile product that was just recently launched, and should be available for a wide range of both mid and full size American pickups in the near future.

Tacoma HabitatOutdoors but protected from the elements under the Tacoma Habitat

If you want to take this setup to a whole new level have Goose Gear outfit the inside of your truck bed with its complete storage and living quarters system, specially designed to work with the AT Habitat.

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