Atlis XT Pickup: Race to Launch First All-Electric American Truck Heats Up

The race to be the first to market with an all-electric pickup ramps up with Atlis Motor Vehicles. The brand plans to launch its XT Pickup Truck in 2020.

As a handful of automakers jockey to roll out the first fleet of all-electric trucks, another company has entered the fray. We’ve talked about the Bollinger B2, Rivian R1T, and mysterious Tesla truck already. Now, Atlis Motor Vehicles will vie for American electric truck glory.

Based in Mesa, Ariz., Atlis was founded in 2016 with a focus on “developing the first full-size battery-electric pickup truck for the American market” and “bettering the charging ecosystem with an advanced charging solution providing fast and affordable 15-minute charge times.”


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Atlis has just released more details and renderings of its forthcoming XT Pickup Truck. Let’s dive into this new offering and see how it stacks up against the other all-electric American trucks coming to market around 2020.

Atlis XT Pickup Truck

Let’s start with the basics. The Atlis XT Pickup will retail directly to consumers. The XT Pickup utilizes a customizable platform that has four electric motors and independent air suspension.


You can configure the Atlis XT Pickup to offer a very impressive 500-mile range. Atlis expects it to have a top speed of 120 mph and reach 60 mph from a standstill in just five seconds. And the brand claims a dually version of the XT Pickup will be able to tow 35,000 pounds up a 6-percent grade while maintaining 65 mph.


The fully independent air suspension offers dynamic leveling options and load damping as well as 12 inches of ground clearance. For off-road driving, a long-travel air spring suspension option provides 15 inches of ground clearance but reduces max towing and payload.

To make room for the battery pack low in the frame and add stability, Atlis pushed the wheels to the ends of the truck. So far, this seems to be a common design among current electric trucks being developed. The design offers great entry and exit angles for off-roading but a terrible breakover angle.

Atlis Custom Pickup

Instead of offering different models, Atlis will sell its trucks direct as custom-ordered vehicles. This will allow buyers to order exactly as much or as little truck as they need, with the specific features and luxuries they want and can afford.


Buyers select the range (300, 400, or 500 miles), towing capacity (5,000-35,000 pounds), and payload (1,000-5,000 pounds). And the XT Pickup line will comprise 6.5-foot, 8-foot, and no-bed options. Customers can also choose between single and dual rear wheels.  There will be an extended cab and crew cab, plus options like built-in air compressors and various power outlets.

Atlis XT Pickup Tech

The Atlis XT Pickup isn’t over the top with new tech, but it does have a few items of note. Most notably, the truck has no side mirrors. Instead, Atlis offers side cameras with large high-resolution screens on both sides of the steering wheel. These side-view screens flank a fully customizable and digital central dash. Nearly all future vehicles are promoting this feature early on.


Cameras are hot right now, and this truck has lots of them. This truck offers trailering and forward-facing park-assist cameras as well. A center-mounted digital touchscreen will provide all the controls, and tech drivers including Apple Carplay and Android Auto are used in this modern automobile. Full LED lighting throughout and built-in conductive charging in the center console complement the feature set.

Autonomous driving features are also important and all the rage in new vehicles, and again the Atlis XT Pickup does not disappoint. At launch, it will have Level 1 driver assistance (some automatic steering and acceleration) with adaptive cruise control. The truck is designed to be able to upgrade to Level 5 autonomous vehicle capabilities (fully autonomous) as technologies and regulations allow.

Atlis XT Pickup Interior


The Atlis XT throws back to the old days with bench seats front and back. They are a 40/20/40 split front and back, with a 60/40 fold in the rear. Cloth will come standard, and leather will be optional. The overall interior will come standard in a vinyl finish, with an optional carpet upgrade.

Atlis Electric Charging

A big focus for Atlis Motor Vehicles is speedy and economical charging. The brand is currently developing the Atlis Advanced Charging Station. It will be able to fully charge an XT Pickup in 15 minutes, with expected five-minute charges by 2025. And because the charging stations will communicate directly with the truck, payment will be handled through an Atlis account. Atlis also plans to offer an annual subscription plan for unlimited access to its charging stations.

The Atlis XT Pickup will also be backward compatible with current charging systems. This allows for easy charging at home or on the road, with current EV charging infrastructure.

Atlis Ownership Options

Atlis plans to offer two ways to daily drive one of its new trucks. The first way is an all-inclusive subscription club. The second is a direct purchase program, which also offers a lot of benefits.


The Atlis Subscriber club program provides subscribers a new vehicle every three, five, or seven years. It also comes with unlimited free charging, 100 percent maintenance coverage, and full insurance. Subscriptions start at $700/month.

Atlis will also offer a more traditional direct purchase option. Trucks will start at about $45,000 and come with a 10-year 100 percent warranty.

Atlis is taking down names and info on a reservation list now. It isn’t asking for any money down, and the brand said the “first 5,000 reservations get free charging with their vehicle or 20 percent off their monthly subscription rate.” That deal, especially the 20 percent off, could net serious savings, and there isn’t much to lose by getting on the list.

Atlis Motor Vehicles Funding

The brand hasn’t reached its $1.04 million fundraising goal on Start Engine yet, but it’s close and has another month to secure the funding. This public funding round is specifically designated to raise funds to “finish development of our prototype Atlis Motor Vehicles XT pickup truck and Advanced Charging Station.” More than 1,600 investors have already bought in during this fundraising effort.

Electric Pickup Trucks: Head-to-Head Comparison

Atlis XT Pickup Truck Rivian R1T Bollinger B2 Tesla Pickup
Available 2020 2020 2020 2020?
Price (U.S.) $45,000+ or $700/month subscription $61,500+ ? ?
Range (miles) 300, 400, 500 250, 400 200 400-500?
Fast charging time (minutes) 15 30 75 ?
0-60 (mph) 5 3 6.5 ?
Top speed (mph) 120 125 100 ?
Payload (lbs) Up to 5,000 1,800 5,000 ?
Towing (lbs) Up to 35,000 11,000 7,500 300,000?
Bed length (feet) 0, 6.5, 8 4.5 5.75 ?
Ground clearance (inches) 12, 15 14 15 ?
Number of motors 4 4 2 2?

Keep in mind that the Tesla truck probably only exists in a computer hidden deep in Tesla’s factory. And the Atlis XT Pickup only exists as the computer renderings you see in this post.

Meanwhile, the Rivian has released R1T mock-ups in full scale, but those aren’t working prototypes. Rivian does have Alex Honnold on board, though! Finally, the Bollinger B2 is still on the drawing board, but Bollinger does have working test mules in the field.

What I’m saying is that all of these American electric trucks are still very much figments of imagination, albeit well thought-out ones! Bringing a vehicle to market, especially in the highly regulated U.S. auto market, is another thing entirely. But exciting times are upon us, as all these innovative companies forge ahead and race to bring us the first all-electric American pickup!

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