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8 Top Tips for New Adventure Motorcyclists From Riding Instructor Bret Tkacs

With so much information out there about adventure motorcycling, making the move from pavement to dirt can be tough. Adventure rider and pro instructor Bret Tkacs has put together a list of eight top tips to help get you dirty safely and comfortably.

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Taking your motorcycle from pavement to dirt can be intimidating. Everyone has their own bit of advice for what you need to do to stay on two wheels. Some of it is helpful, much of it is trash, and all of it is overwhelming. Riding instructor and adventurer Bret Tkacs’ latest video tries to make it simple, giving you eight tips for new and first-time adventure riders.

Tkacs has been riding for 33 years and has been an instructor for more than 20. He has traveled the world, developed 15 curricula, and has helped the U.S. Army Special Forces Command improve its motorcycle safety. So he knows what he’s doing.

The video starts with tips for your first time on the dirt  — letting you know that your less aggressive dirt tire and factory pressures are just fine. Because you’re probably not doing anything extreme on your first trip into the dirt. At least not on purpose.

adventure motorcycle tips
(Photo/Bret Tkacs)

Bret debunks plenty of other “must haves,” like spending money on new parts instead of spending more time on your technique. He says you should stay loose instead of tightening up when the road gets bumpy. But the video does cover the gear you need. Like safety and comfort equipment.

Ignore the yelling in the intro. It’s just a bit, and everything Tkacs says in the rest of the video is accessible and easy to digest, dispelling myths and giving you some useful suggestions.

The information is great for riders who are having trouble on rough terrain or for those who are too intimidated to head off pavement in the first place. “As a new rider … we see all the things that scare us. What I want you to do is see the things that make you happy.” Good advice on the dirt and in life.

Runtime: 16 minutes

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