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The Best Car Floor Mats of 2024

Searching for the best protection for your vehicle? We've compiled a list of the best car floor mats to keep your vehicle clean and dry, even in the dirtiest conditions.
A muddy boot stepping onto a car floor matWe tested out the best car floor mats in optimal end-of-winter muddy conditions; (photo/Eric Phillips)
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If you like the outdoors, you’re bound to get dirty. And if you’re like most of us, that means you usually use a vehicle to get to and from the outdoors. All the dirt, mud, water, and other debris that collects on your shoes almost always makes its way into your vehicle for the drive home.

Sure, you could continue using the factory floor mats that came with your vehicle but aftermarket floor mats are one of the easiest modifications that any outdoors person will love. Whether you’re skiing in the snow, camping in the rain, biking in mud, or hiking in the dirt, these floor mats are top-notch for protecting your car or truck from the elements. 

In this guide, we cover universal-fit car floor mats that can fit a wide range of vehicles and vehicle-specific mats custom-shaped to fit footwells by year, make, and model. Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on their price point and coverage. Since price varies across vehicles, all prices reflect a 2017 Toyota Tacoma with first and second row mats. 

We scoured the internet to find the top floor mats available and put them to the test during a few weeks of peak spring snowmelt in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. All in search of the best car floor mats for any outdoor lover. To learn more about the details of car floor mats and a more in-depth analysis of how these materials can vary, be sure to check out our comprehensive buying guide, FAQ, and comparison chart below.

Otherwise, scroll through to see all of our recommended car floor mats for 2024.

The Best Car Floor Mats of 2024

Best Overall Car Floor Mats

WeatherTech FloorLiner


  • Fitment Vehicle specific
  • Rigidity Hard Plastic
  • Door Jam / Side Protection Yes
  • Warranty Lifetime
  • Color Black, tan, or grey
Product Badge The Best Car Floor Mats of 2024


  • Laser-measured custom fit
  • Durable in terms of structure and quality
  • ThermoBall Eco technology allows for warmth to be retained even if wet
  • Made of 100% recyclable chemical free materials


  • Priciest option on the market
  • Not available for all vehicles, only 2005 and newer select
Best Budget Car Floor Mats

Motor Trend FlexTough Floor Mats


  • Fitment Universal trim to fit
  • Rigidity Flexible plastic
  • Door Jam / Side Protection No
  • Warranty No
  • Color Black, beige, brown, burgundy, cobalt blue, grey
The Best Car Floor Mats of 2024


  • Priced affordably
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Universal fit for most vehicles


  • Universal fit does not mean universal coverage
  • Not the most durable year-over-year
  • Small 2nd-row coverage
Most Rigid-Fitting Car Floor Mats

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners


  • Fitment Custom fit
  • Rigidity Rigid plastic
  • Door Jam / Side Protection Yes
  • Warranty Lifetime
  • Color Black
The Best Car Floor Mats of 2024


  • Laser-measured custom fit
  • Sharp cleats keep mats locked in place
  • Door jam protection


  • No color choices
  • Husky logo is not firmly attached
  • Limited vehicle options

Best Universal Fit Floor Mats

Armor All Weather Defender Floor Mats


  • Fitment Universal fit
  • Rigidity Flexible plastic
  • Door Jam / Side Protection No
  • Warranty No
  • Color Black
The Best Car Floor Mats of 2024


  • Universal fitment for most vehicles
  • 3-piece trimmable 2nd row for better fitment
  • Grip claw on drivers and passenger mat keep it secure


  • Not as good of coverage compared to custom fit alternatives
  • Small foot pans for containing liquids
  • Tricky to dump without spilling liquids or debris

Best Floor Mats for Trucks

Rough Country Floor Mats


  • Fitment Custom fit
  • Rigidity Rigid plastic
  • Door Jam / Side Protection Yes
  • Warranty Lifetime
  • Color Black
The Best Car Floor Mats of 2024


  • Door jam protection and lip to contain spills
  • Best-priced custom fit
  • Eco-friendly plastic


  • Instructions didn’t include how to trim for optional subwoofer
  • Hard to get 2nd row to fit properly
  • Edges folding upward leaves gaps on each panel

person spraying down car floor mats at car wash
Car floor mats can be hung at a car wash, washed, and then air dried before returning to the carpet; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Car Floor Mats Comparison Chart

Scroll right to view all of the columns: Price, Fitment, Rigidity, Door Jamb / Side Protection, Warranty.

Car Floor MatsPriceFitmentRigidityDoor Jam/ Side ProtectionWarranty
WeatherTech FloorLiner$202Custom fitRigidYesLifetime
Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners$170Custom fitRigidYesLifetime
Rough Country Floor Mats$140Custom fitRigid YesLifetime
Armor All Weather Defender Floor Mats$45Universal fitFlexibleNoNo
Motor Trend Flex Tough Floor Mats$38Universal fitFlexibleNoNo
Mud on truck floor mat
The rims of car floor mats are designed to contain mud, melted snow, or water that is brought in on footwear; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Why You Should Trust Us

The good people of GearJunkie don’t mind getting messy outside. And our goal was to do just that, and then climb into our vehicles and see how big of a catastrophe we could make. 

Lead tester Eric Phillips has been an outdoor professional for the last 10 years along with being an extreme automotive enthusiast. At age 18, he built a truck from the ground up alongside his dad and, while living in Chicago, raced cars. Not one to take a vehicle to a mechanic, Phillips picks up a wrench to complete the maintenance and upgrades his own rigs.

He spends ample time exploring far-out locations as a hunter, splitboarder, and landscape photographer — and then brings that dirt back to his vehicles, from working search and rescue to living full-time at 9,000 feet in Colorado. He’s used aftermarket floor mats in all the vehicles he has ever owned. 

boot stepping into vehicle
As footwear enters a vehicle, dirt and pebbles are inevitably brought inside, too; (photo/Eric Phillips)

This team tested custom-fit and universal-fit floor mats from late winter into spring, or what’s known as “Mud Season,” in the mountain town of Crested Butte, Colo. Almost all the parking spots, including our own, turn to a snowy, muddy mess as the spring sun starts the months-long process of melting winter’s snowpack. 

For this guide, the vehicles included a 2017 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab and a 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor, both of which were used for many muddy adventures. Both were parked on unpaved parking spots that were rarely solid, even, or dry. 

Throughout our field tests and personal experience, we determined the best car floor mats based on a variety of metrics including fitment, coverage, durability, ease of cleaning, color, floor grip, foot traction, installation ease, and quality.

Beyond our tests, we also considered the most popular, award-worthy, universal, sustainable, and affordable designs. These car floor mats serve a range of vehicles, styles, and budgets.

groove along edge of floor mat for vehicle
Some car floor mats are designed to protect the sides of the vehicle’s footwell and to wrap alongside the seats; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Car Floor Mats

Although seemingly simple, an array of details makes car floor mats unique. Take 15 minutes to do your homework before clicking the buy button.

Universal Fit vs. Custom Fit

You can choose two main tiers of aftermarket car floor mats for your vehicle — universal fit, also known as trim-to-fit floor mats and custom fit floor mats.

Universal fit floor mats like the Armor All Weather Defender Floor Mats are often two to three times cheaper and can be tailored to fit almost any vehicle. For older or less popular vehicles, it can be hard to find custom-fit floor mats leaving your only option as universal fit.

These are usually a more flexible, softer rubber that bends and folds around your car’s existing footwell shapes. They will either fit your vehicle as is or come with trimmable shapes for easy removal of access material to fit smaller footwells.  

This type is generally easier to install minus the trimming. But the flexible rubber does not hold liquids or dirt as well and it can be easier to spill when removing your mats for cleaning. Additionally, universal fitment floor mats won’t fit perfectly or cover the entirety of your footwells compared to custom fit mats. They can still let elements like mud, water, and rocks onto your carpet but generally are better than the factory option. 

2nd row car floor mat
Purchasing a 2nd row of car mats helps to protect the carpet at the base of the back/rear row of seats; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Custom-fit mats on the other hand, like the Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners, offer superior coverage, fitment, and protection for your vehicle’s footwells. These mats are laser-measured and engineered to fit the unique shape of your footwells perfectly.

These often can have much taller sides and deeper wells for containing more debris, are engineered to funnel water toward the door, and even cover the door jam to prevent any elements from getting under the mat and onto your carpet.

The primary downside to custom floor liners is that they are typically considerably more expensive. Additionally, they are only available for certain makes and models of popular vehicles. You can only get these types if your vehicle is listed as compatible. Since these mats are vehicle-specific, they will not work in any other vehicle than the one they are manufactured to fit. 

pointed corner of driver's side mat
The WeatherTech FloorLiner is made using digital laser measurements for a tight fit; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Materials of Car Floor Mats

Car floor mats are made from heavy-duty plastic and rubber materials. Higher-end custom floor mats offer more environmentally friendly, heavy-duty plastics like the WeatherTech FloorLiner, which is made from a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). It’s essentially odorless, contains no harmful PVCs, phthalate, BPA, cadmium, or lead, and is 100% recyclable.

These are usually a more rigid material that holds its shape or form so it can fit perfectly around all the curves and corners of your footwell. These types use lightweight and thinner materials compared to universal floor mats. 

Universal floor mats are made from a heavy-duty rubber compound. These don’t have as high of standards as custom floor mats and are mass-produced, meaning they aren’t environmentally friendly. These mats include the Motor Trend Flex Tough Floor Mats, which are heavier, thicker, and much more flexible. The flexible material is meant to bend over humps and bumps. 

two car floor mats hanging at car wash
Car floor mats that are more malleable can be easier to remove and place on the floor of a vehicle; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Cleaning Car Floor Mats

While it’s more fun to go on adventures and pick up grime, there eventually comes a time to wash your vehicle and clean out your footwells. Each of the mats in this guide is meant to be easily removed from your car, dumped out, and cleaned with water or an additional cleaner.

Our top two floor mats, the WeatherTech FloorLiner and the Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners are cleaned very easily at the car wash without soap. Alternatively, the Rough Country Floor Mats, Motor Trend FlexTough Floor Mats, and Armor All Weather Defender Floor Mats car floor mats all seemed to stain more easily. They also required a more thorough cleaning with soap to return them to their original look.

We found the larger custom-fit liners to be harder to remove from the footwells, due to their larger more rigid shape — which meant we were less inclined to clean them. This especially applied to the second-row mat, as it was usually bulkier and harder to remove without making a mess since both passenger sides were connected as a broad single piece. 

WeatherTech rubber mat
Some materials are easier to clean while others show slight dirt smudges even after a wash; (photo/Eric Phillips)


There are two types of traction when talking about vehicle floor mats — the traction between the carpet and the floor mat, keeping the mats secure — and the traction on top of the floor mats for your shoes to grip while driving or getting in and out of the vehicle. We tested each floor mat’s grip in both aspects. 

Floor mats like the Armor All Weather Defender Floor Mats — which came with two Grip Claws per mat — and WeatherTech FloorLiner with TechGrip both held in place significantly better than their counterparts. The Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners stood out in this category with its large grip spikes on the underside of each mat. 

In terms of shoe grip and traction, the best performers were the WeatherTech FloorLiner followed by Rough Country Floor Mats, the Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners, then the Motor Trend FlexTough Floor Mats, and closing out with the Armor All Weather Defender Floor Mats. The top performers here had groves and channels in the floor mats. Those components not only held our shoe soles but also kept liquids from sloshing around while driving and helped funnel liquid to “reservoirs” where it could be easily dumped later on.  

WeatherTech edge
More rigid plastic means the car floor mat won’t move on the interior carpet but can also be a tad more time-consuming to install and remove from a vehicle’s floor; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Door Jam and Side Protection

While most dirt and mud settle on the bottom of your vehicle’s footwells, the sides and door jams are equally important for catching debris and keeping your carpet clean. Coverage of these areas was an important differentiation between universal fit and custom fit floor mats. 


The sides of a car mat are technically the front, back, and sides of the mat that rise vertically from the bottom creating a deep well to catch and hold the elements. The WeatherTech FloorLiner mats had the deepest sides of the models we tested. This matters because it can hold a higher volume of liquid and dirt both inside the footwell and during removal, to avoid spilling into your carpet. 

linear grooves on mat for vehicle
A 2nd row of mats helps prevent grime build-up, but dirt will likely fall onto the carpet when you pull the mat out for a wash, so be ready to vacuum; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Door Jam

Door jam refers to the flat section of the floor at the bottom of your vehicle’s door. Each door has its own door jam. This is a common spot your foot uses when getting in or out of your vehicle. Hence, it can get really dirty and collect a lot of grime.

Coverage of this area helps catch a considerable amount of elements into your floor mat tray. It also helps keep spills contained when removing the mats for cleaning, the door jam coverage drops lower than the side acting as a funnel from the bottom of the mat up and over the door jam to the outside when its tilted. 

deep grooves holding muck in car floor mat
Some car floor mats reach the edge of the trim while others overlap; (photo/Eric Phillips)


Can I use aftermarket floor mats with my factory floor mats?

No. Aftermarket floor mats are designed to replace your factory floor mats and will not work in conjunction. Make sure to remove your original floor mats before installing any of the aftermarket floor mats from this guide. 

How do you clean car floor mats?

There are a few ways to clean your floor mats from at-home options to car washes. The easiest way is to detach any hooks or attachment points from your floor mats to your carpet, then, to avoid spilling, carefully lift it out of your vehicle and dump it on the ground. A few shakes will get rid of most debris before reinstalling.

Want to get rid of the stains and mud? You can use your garden hose and spigot to rinse off the floor mats at home or even use a recommended cleaning product for those hard-to-remove stains. Lastly, our favorite way of washing them is using a self-spray car wash.

Most self-spray washes have wall clamps that will hold your floor mats and you can spray them down with a pressure washer. Just remember to vacuum or clean any dirt from your carpet before reinstalling your freshly cleaned floor mats. 

boots on top of passenger side rubber mat
The driver’s side floor mat should always include an integrated twist lock for safety while the front passenger side is optional; (photo/Eric Phillips)
Do you have to trim your car floor mats?

The short answer is no, you don’t have to trim the mats, and often using a universal mat in a truck or large SUV requires no trimming. In other cases with custom-fit floor mats, some cutouts may have to be removed to fit over subwoofers and speakers.

Universal fit floor mats come with pre-marked trim lines so you can easily remove sections of the floor mat for a precise fit into smaller vehicles or to separate the mat to center more easily in the footwells. While scissors work, we found that a box cutter was the tool of choice for trimming rubber floor mats.

backseat floor protected by mat
Although not as easy to install or remove, a second row of car floor mats helps protect a vehicle’s cargo and passenger space; (photo/Eric Phillips)

What does the second row mean for car floor mats?

The second row refers to the row of seats directly behind the front or first row of seating. In contrast, the first row is where the driver’s seat and passenger seat are located directly in front of the windshield. Each floor mat tested in our guide came with second-row mats, which were tested along with the front-row mats. Some single-cab trucks or vans won’t need second-row mats. 

car floor mat in front
Every car floor mat has a unique tread design for foot traction and for capturing debris brought into the vehicle on footwear, pets, or other items; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Why should I use aftermarket car floor mats?

One of the top reasons to use aftermarket car floor mats is to preserve your vehicle’s carpet for years to come. Clean and pristine footwells can add to a vehicle’s resale value and protect it from the elements. Sometimes, aftermarket floor mats add a new look or color to your vehicle’s footwells, making it stand out more than factory vehicles. 

2nd row floor mat
Be sure to order the exact size of car floor mat needed for your vehicle make, model, and year; (photo/Eric Phillips)

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