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More Space, Same Price: DECKED Unveils Next-Gen Drawer System for Trucks

If you're looking to organize that truck bed, DECKED just upgraded its drawer system with more storage and greater customization.

Man opens Decked drawer systemDECKED drawers are designed to accommodate (and organize) whatever equipment you need to carry; (photo/DECKED)
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In 2014, DECKED offered an innovative approach to truck bed organization with its Drawer System, providing a solution for truck owners looking for improved organization of equipment. Since then, it’s become an iconic piece of gear in the motoring world.

Multiple GearJunkie editors have outfitted their trucks with DECKED bed systems, joining legions of fans using them for work and play every day. In 2020, Zach Burton wrote a largely positive review of the DECKED Truck Bed System for GearJunkie: “If you use your truck for multiple hobbies and want to stay organized while keeping your valuables safe, these are hard to beat.” 

Today, the company announced an upgrade of the system. DECKED says its latest version offers increased storage, more efficient use of space, increased drawer extension, and integrated cargo tie-down features.

There’s also the new D-co Case Collection, which includes six waterproof, dustproof cargo cases with “drive-over-it-in-an-F-150” durability, the press release said. Here’s our first look.

decked drawers loaded with gear
Meet the next-gen truck drawers from DECKED; (photo/DECKED)

Next-Gen Drawer System: Overview

DECKED’s all-new Drawer System is designed for full- and mid-size trucks and cargo vans made within the last 20 years.

This system tackles a common truck owner dilemma: the need to organize, access, and secure gear and cargo while maximizing truck bed space. Put simply, the Drawer System creates a flat load floor in the bed, suitable for sleeping or hauling heavy items like ATVs and construction materials.

Below the deck, full-length weatherproof drawers offer secure storage for tools, gear, and other items.

“After 10 years of listening to the feedback from our most rigorous testers and critics, and constantly improving the products we were selling, it was time to scrap the old playbook and start over from scratch,” DECKED VP of Marketing Greg Randolph said in the press release. “That meant redesigning the product the way we knew it needed to be built.”

Full-Size Truck Drawer Systems

The Drawer System for full-size pickup trucks and cargo vans retains its 2,000-pound payload capacity and 200-pound-per-drawer weight rating. However, the drawers now have increased extension, making rear access easier. They’re also wider, with an 18-inch width that provides a 10% increase in volume per drawer. it also better accommodates common-shaped items, DECKED said.

To address user concerns about bed tie-downs, the company has integrated topside cargo tie-downs into the deck, featuring a D-ring system with a 400-pound load rating. This system still uses factory bed tie-downs for drill-free installation.

The removal of corner bins, previously known as Ammo Cans, has created unobstructed pass-throughs to the wheel wells. This allows for the storage of longer items and easy access to side-mounted electrical outlets. Moreover, four removable Stash Bins can be “stashed” in the corners.

Enhanced weatherproofing measures include cab-side and drawer-side panels that enclose the drawers. There’s also a redesigned drawer face for improved sealing against the elements.

Mid-Size Truck Drawer Systems

For mid-size trucks, DECKED opted for a complete redesign. A single Super Drawer replaces the previous asymmetrical drawer setup, with a payload rating of 1,000 pounds. This Super Drawer spans from wheel well to wheel well, offering 30% more storage capacity than before. It can also be reconfigured into a sliding tray.

Similar to the full-size system, corner bins have been replaced with pass-throughs, increasing storage efficiency. Six cargo tie-down locations provide secure load attachment. Enhanced weatherproofing minimizes dust and airborne particulate matter inside the drawer.

Decked D-co cargo boxes
DECKED says its new D-co cases are waterproof, dustproof, and extra durable; (photo/DECKED)

D-co Case Cargo Line

During the Drawer System redesign, DECKED also revamped its original storage box line, resulting in the D-co Case line. These protective cases, constructed using a mineral-reinforced polymer, are built for extra durability and ruggedness. Waterproof and dustproof, they’re designed to segment, store, and transport tools and gear.

The Stable Stack feature enables cases to be stacked at various angles without tipping over, maximizing customization. The patent-pending Clutch Latch simplifies case opening and closing, while a Gore-vent ensures that contents remain dry.

Altogether, the line includes five case designs. Currently, only the Sixer 16L, the Halfrack 32L, and the D-co Bin 32L are available. A spokesperson said that the larger options — the Hauler 80L and the Minuteman 80L — won’t be available until November 13.

The main difference between the Hauler and the Minuteman is that the latter offers extra security for valuable items like firearms or other equipment.

Decked system on a midsize truck

DECKED System: Pricing

While GearJunkie called the DECKED system a bit expensive in its 2020 review, prices for the upgrade haven’t gone up since then.

The next-generation version still costs $1,600 for either the full-size or mid-size truck options. As for the D-co cases, those can be purchased individually. It’s $90 for the Sixer 16L, $125 for the B-co Bin 32L, and $150 for the Halfrack 32L. Prices are still pending for the Hauler 80L and the Minuteman 80L.

Explore all your truck organization options on the DECKED website.

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