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Lancia Delta Futurista: Restomod Perfects 1980s ‘Poster Car’

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The Lancia Delta is one of those poster cars of the 1980s. Its timeless design still makes the heart race. This restomod, called the Futurista, is a masterpiece.

Eugenio Amos aims to reinvigorate the passion for the Lancia brand. And he has the funding to make it happen. The culmination of his efforts is the Futurista, shown below. The $347,000 masterpiece brings an ’80s icon back to life.

Amos just revealed this tribute to the famous Lancia Delta hot hatch at the Grand Basel auto exhibit. The Futurista is the “romantic vision” of Eugenio Amos, an Italian racecar driver and automobile collector.

“I long for a bygone, idealized time when men, values, and substance were at the core of the product,” he said. “Therefore this car is pure, analogic, raw, and essential.”

By the Numbers

The Futurista is a moving piece of art that produces raw emotions, whether standing still or sprinting around a mountain road. So the numbers might not matter as much as with other vehicles. With that said, some of the specs on this car are really impressive!

First off, Amos will manufacture only 20 Futuristas, built from base Lancia Delta 16V cars. Exclusivity is a given, especially as each Futurista will cost about $347,000.

Autombili Amos replaced and/or upgraded more than 1,000 components on the original donor car to create the Futurista. Every component on the car has been touched, refurbished, or upgraded.

The Futurista weighs in at only 2,755 pounds — nearly 200 pounds less than a stock Lancia Delta. The weight savings combined with the fully upgraded and reworked engine, putting out 330 hp, should make for an extremely fun driving experience.

Art in Motion

The wider, more muscular body of the Futurista harkens back to the special Lancia Delta S4 Homologation cars from the infamous Group B rally days. The wider fender flares and absence of the rear doors really bring this design to life.

The original Lancia Deltas are known to have body panel rust issues and electrical gremlins. But the Futurista has addressed this with a hand-beaten aluminum body with lots of carbon fiber panels and an all-new wiring loom.

And a fully upgraded interior sports new Recaro front seats, refurbished original rear seats, aluminum pedals, a modified steering wheel with built-in controls, and lots of carbon fiber accents. The team covered noncarbon surfaces in Alcantara, a nod to the racecar interiors of the 1980s.

Of course, Amos also upgraded all of the running gear to provide an even more spirited, visceral, “romantic” driving experience. The Futurista has all-new suspension geometry, new air intake, and Brembo brakes as well as upgrades to the intercooler, exhaust, and transmission.

Social Media Power

If you want to know more about the Lancia Delta Futurista, you’ll have to turn to social media. Automobili Amos currently has no website. Instead, Eugenio Amos has been promoting the car, and even preselling a few, through the Automobili Amos Instagram account.


This level of classic restomod only exists in a few other models. The most famous being Singer Vehicle Design, with the impressive air-cooled Porsche 911 reimagined cars. It’s even rumored that Rob Dickinson, Singer’s founder, has already reserved one of the 20 Lancia Delta Futuristas being produced.

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