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Mini’s Answer to Vehicle Waitlists: Massive Puzzles

Nobody likes a long wait, so Mini is sending out puzzles as a way to help you pass the supply chain and shipping delay time.

Stuck waiting for your Mini? Mini USA wants to say sorry. So the automaker is sending customers a series of puzzles both in normal size and in garage size as a way to try and make it up to you.

The ongoing global supply chain issues are hitting every industry, but it’s the auto industry where we see it most. Because a fridge is a fridge, and you can find another sofa, but a new car is very expensive and they’re even more expensive in the last couple of years.

Won’t Shorten Wait, but Will Give You Something to Do

Mini knows this, and the brand’s staff aren’t happy about it, either. So, the company wanted to give people on the waiting list something to do while they wait — and to help keep you excited and engaged for your new ride.

The puzzles come with cutesy names, like “We’re Working Hard to Get You Your Car,” and “Waiting is the Worst.” Mini is calling them Not So Mini.

Only some buyers on the waiting list will get the garage-sized giant puzzles. Others will get a normal-sized puzzle, which is probably going to be a lot more popular anyway. We don’t know about you, but the idea of assembling a puzzle the size of a car and containing thousands of pieces is a little overwhelming.

Mini didn’t say how the puzzle distribution would be decided. We’d guess that if you’re waiting for a zero-option base Mini Cooper three-door, you might not want to get your hopes up.

Stay Tuned to Mini Socials for Puzzle Progress

“People buy a Mini because of its cheeky and fun-to-drive spirit, so we wanted to give owners something fun to do while they wait to get behind the wheel of their new MINI,” said Rah Mahtani, Brand Communications Manager, Mini USA.

“The ‘Not So Mini’ puzzle is one of the ways we are showing the Mini community our appreciation as owners wait for their new vehicles. Owners and their families can enjoy building and displaying their puzzles, showcasing Mini’s iconic design, right in their home garages or living rooms.”

Mini says it plans on using its social media channels to encourage buyers to show off their puzzles. So if you want to see all of the designs, keep an eye out on the Mini Twitter account.

“Our goal with this idea is to get something uniquely Mini into new owners’ hands, even if they’d rather it be a leather steering wheel. We can still create a fun pastime to add to the excitement for the real thing coming their way,” said Nick Sonderup, executive creative director for the ad agency that came up with the puzzle plan.

If you want a Mini puzzle without the car, look for your neighbors who have a new Mini showing up in the next few months. They’ll probably want to free up some of that garage space for their new wheels.

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