Moke 60 Years of Bond
(Photo/Moke America)

Moke America Celebrates 60 Years of Bond With Electrified Classic Runabout

Moke. James Moke. Carrying a license to cruise with more style than 007 himself.

One 1960s icon is getting ready to celebrate another. Moke America has just announced a special 60 Years of Bond edition. To mark the long lives of both the vehicle and the film franchise, Moke is launching the second 007 edition of the classic runabout.

The original Mini Moke was a Caribbean icon. A Mini-based four-seater with a fabric top and no doors, the little runabout was perfect for places with sun, sand, and heat, along with little rain. As the result of a planned military model gone wrong, the Moke had to work a little harder and find a more leisurely role to make its name.

How did a beach runabout like the Moke become part of the James Bond film franchise? Well, 007 spends plenty of time in the Caribbean, too — although, most of Bond’s Moke interactions have been indoors, in villains’ secret lairs.

Moke Bond Baddie Ride of Choice

Moke 60 Years of Bond
(Photo/Moke America)

A Moke appeared first in “You Only Live Twice,” and yes, that was in Blofeld’s Japanese volcano lair. But the Moke looked perfect as a cargo and crew carrier in the lair, painted in bright yellow.

Moke — which is an old word for mule — was back for 1973’s “Live and Let Die.” Here, Bond was in the Caribbean.

“The Spy Who Loved Me” had another baddie henchman Moke in Stromberg’s undersea lair.

The last time a Moke appeared in a Bond film was in 1979’s “Moonraker.” Yet again, inside a secret lair — we’re noticing a pattern here.

Moke America

The gas version of the Moke was dropped decades ago. In 2012, Moke America revived the model with a fully modern electric powertrain.

Sold as a Low-Speed Vehicle with a top speed of 25 mph, it can drive on all American roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. It offers an electric range of around 40 miles.

Those speed restrictions and the powertrain are what let Moke America keep much of the original’s key attributes. It’s still tiny, light, and more open to the air than just about anything this side of a motorcycle.

Special Moke Gets Bond-Inspired Touches

Moke 60 Years of Bond
(Photo/Moke America)

The 60 Years of Bond Moke comes in a special Midnight Blue paint shade and has loads of Bond details. Officially licensed by EON Productions, the car has 007 gun logos on the rear fenders. There is also a Bond logo inside a 60 on the hood to represent 60 years of Bond.

On the rear is a 007-logo tire cover. The dots on the cover are a nod to the dots we saw on screen as part of early Bond title sequences. They might not be as iconic as the moving gun barrel, but they certainly scream both James Bond and the 1960s.

Special details inside the Moke include the mango tree wood dashboard. That’s a nod to the song “Underneath the Mango Tree, the very first song made for a Bond movie, composed by Bond theme writer Monty Norman and sung by Diana Coupland. The tune is heavily featured in “Dr. No.” The steering wheel and gearshift are also made from wood rather than plastic as standard.

“Like James Bond, Moke has its origins in the 1960s and this new edition highlights that iconic history both brands enjoy in modern culture. For the past six decades, James Bond has represented the epitome of enduring class and style, and this 60 Years of Bond edition brings that big-screen glamour to the road,” said Todd Rome, founder and CEO of Moke America.

First Bond Moke Revealed Last Year

San Monique Moke
Moke America’s first Bond model, the 007 San Monique; (photo/Moke America)

Moke America’s first Bond model was the 007 San Monique. That one was white with a blue-and-white striped top meant to be a copy of the Moke from “Live and Let Die.” It had special artwork on the tire cover to add to the vehicle’s James Bond theme.

Bond Moke Does Not Come Cheap

If the 60 Years of Bond Moke leaves you shaken or stirred, it’s available to order now. Moke America is asking $28,975 for the Bond Moke. They’re built as a custom order, so final assembly and delivery happen around 160 days from when the order is completed.

The Bond Mokes are available in the U.S. as well as the Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, and the Middle East.

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