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The OX Is ‘Packable’ Off-Road Vehicle

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Get ready to meet an All Terrain Vehicle like none you’ve ever seen. The Ox is a truck re-imagined from the ground up.


Designed by Gordon Murray, the renowned automotive engineer who led the development of the McLaren F1 supercar, the OX is a highly unconventional truck designed for the developing world. The rugged, versatile design is catching eyes anywhere roads are rough.

Word’s First ‘Flat Packed’ Vehicle

The OX stands apart in many ways. First, it can be “packed flat,” meaning the disassembled vehicle can be shipped very efficiently, with up to six trucks packed into a single shipping container. For comparison, a shipping container can usually carry two fully assembled trucks of the same size.


Then, according to the company, “assembly labor is transferred to the importing country, where local professional companies will be employed to assemble and maintain the finished vehicles. Three trained (but not necessarily expert) people can put an OX together in approximately 12 hours.”

OX: Offroad Capable, Two Wheel Drive

To save weight and complexity, the OX is only two wheel drive. That, while a major departure from most offroad vehicles, does not limit the truck’s abilities, according to the brand.


“The OX has been specifically designed to perform as well as, or better than, a four-wheel drive vehicle, while offering low cost and durable mobility,” states the brand.

This is accomplished through high ground clearance, wading ability up to one meter, wide wheelbase, and purpose-built suspension that forces tires to “grip” on uneven surfaces.


The front-wheel drive allows for extra clearance as the truck lacks a driveshaft to the rear wheels or rear differential. This also simplifies maintenance and reduces price.

Focus On Approach, Departure Angles

A major focus on the OX is approach and departure angles. These angles signal the steepest ramp the vehicle can drive on or off without bottoming out.


The OX has an an approach angle of 45º and departure angle of 55º. These are exceptionally high numbers. It also has an unladen traversing angle of a whopping 53º. Basically, this thing is a mountain goat. For comparison, a 2016 Jeep Wrangler comes stock with respective angles of 42.2º, 32.3º, and 25.8º.

Ford Diesel Engine

The OX is designed for use in seriously remote parts of the world, and diesel is the most reliably available fuel on the planet. Its heart is a 4 cylinder, 16 valve diesel Ford PT22 that kicks out 100 horsepower at 3,500 RPM.

This basic engine is fairly easy to service, and finding parts should also be relatively easy.

Versatile Truck

The OX can carry up to 13 people including the driver. It can also function as a cargo truck, with a payload of 4,188 pounds. This multi-purpose design makes it a great fit for use in developing nations, the brand says.


The OX is currently in the prototype stage, and seeking investors to move to full scale production. Pricing and availability is still unknown, but if the brand has its way, this will be an affordable option for those living, and working, far off the Interstate grid.


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