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‘Chasing the Wild:’ Kayaking, Climbing, Hunting in the Polaris XPEDITION UTV

Watch the new series from Polaris, 'Chasing the Wild,' where three adventurers take the company's Xpedition UTV into their backyards, to go white water kayaking, climbing, and hunting.

Polaris Xpedition Chasing the Wild(Photo/Polaris)
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What can you do with your Polaris Xpedition? A new YouTube series featuring three epic adventurers showcases how they use the Xpedition to get out and do the things they love.

Kayaking With Rush Sturges

Episode one of “Chasing the Wild” stars pro whitewater kayaker Rush Sturges. Rush uses the Xpedition to take his gear to some rapids in remote Washington state.

He said that whitewater kayaking can be very gear-intensive. Rush said he has a lot of equipment to take on even a basic river, but that extended trips can mean “intimidating” amounts of stuff. Plus friends along for the ride with gear of their own.

Rush hypes up the Polaris Xpedition, of course. “It’s not just a toy, it’s a tool,” he said. But this episode is more about the trip and the process behind it. Following along the river and through the woods. Until he finally reaches that river and takes on some radical white water in dramatic slow motion.

Rock Climbing With Sasha DiGiulian

Episode two follows professional rock climber Sasha DiGiulian. She uses the Xpedition to find remote climbing spots in Colorado.

“Climbing is my outlet. It brought a lot of structure into my life and it taught me discipline, hard work, and dealing with failure,” she said.

Sasha checks and loads her ropes, carabiners, harnesses, cams, and the rest of her gear into the Xpedition. She said that climbing is about expedition; going places where you might be the first to make the attempt. So the ability of the Polaris to handle multiple types of terrain (with all that gear) is “empowering.”

Listen as Sasha talks about how she focuses on tuning into nature to prepare for a climb. The curiosity that brings her back, the feeling of a successful climb, and how to make climbing magic and joy happen. Then watch as she ascends some incredible heights.

Donnie Vincent Chasing the Wild

Donnie Vincent is the star of episode three. The biologist and conservationist is also a sportsman and is taking the Polaris Xpedition hunting in South Dakota.

“I’m always wondering about today’s story,” he said. “And I start thinking about the animal it is that I might harvest or kill on this hunt.”

Donnie says that hunting makes him feel like he is engaging in the earth. He uses the Xpedition to secure his rifle or bow on top of the camping gear — including a rooftop tent — that he needs to get out there. And then to bring back the animal he has killed.

Watch him get up before the sun rises to trek to the right spot and set his decoys. Somehow the Chasing the Wild film makes sitting in nature for hours waiting for a deer an event that’s filled with tension.

Will Donnie get his deer as the sun sets? I’m not going to spoil it for you, because the tension in the air is more taut than the draw on his bow.

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