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Rivian Patent Reveals Modular Truck Bed, Forums Illustrate Concept

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Patent filings show us a modular, configurable truck bed system for the forthcoming R1T Rivian pickup. Could this be the all-electric adventure camper, weekend work truck, and everyday driver we’ve been dreaming of?

Rivian is working hard to bring the first all-electric pickup truck to the U.S. consumer market. It has developed some unique features in its impressive trucks so far and partnered with outdoor luminaries like Alex Honold.

But this latest patent filing (#10,207,757) gets us really excited about what’s to come!

Rivian modular truck bed patent

While this patent was filed all the way back January 2017, it was just recently published on February 19, 2019. The patent outlines a reconfigurable truck bed module system.

Rivian modular truck bed patent

Rivian shows a variety of module configurations in its patent application and describes the truck automatically adjusting to each new module that is installed.

The truck will adjust suspension, power output, stability control, and many other driving parameters to best suit each module.

Rivian Forums

RivianForums.com artist rendering of Rivian modular truck bed

We got wind of this new development in our electric truck future from RivianForums.com, which has no official connection to the Rivian brand. But the site has a ton of enthusiastic Rivian fans that are anxiously awaiting the release of the new vehicles — like us!

RivianForums.com artist rendering of Rivian modular truck bed

The forum also apparently has some good rendering artists. They’ve created these amazing images of some possible Rivian module options based on drawings and info found in the patent filing.

RivianForums.com artist rendering of Rivian modular truck bed

The Electric Truck Future

The Rivian modular bed modules add a huge amount of flexibility and utility to truck users. Besides being great for general consumers that want to use their trucks for a wide range of tasks, this system will also be perfect for professional and fleet truck users.

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Hopefully, Rivian will get to the finish line and bring the incredible R1T electric pickup to market soon. This new modular bed system also really gets us excited. Imagine the adventure module possibilities that could come to market!

We’re most excited about possible adventure camper modules and mountain bike shuttle rig configurations. Or, how about extended-range battery modules, possibly even with integrated solar recharging systems or gasoline generators for long-range remote travel?

Will Rivian reach its goal of bringing us the world’s first true electric adventure vehicles? We hope so.

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