roofnest meadowlark
The Meadowlark; (photo/Roofnest)

Roofnest Reveals Its First Softshell Rooftop Tent: The Meadowlark

Roofnest said its first-ever softshell tent came from popular demand among its customers.

Roofnest builds its first softshell rooftop tent to set up quickly, pack and store easily, and leave enough room on your roof rack for a bike alongside.

Aiming at a new consumer base for the company, Roofnest introduced the Meadowlark. It’s light enough that two people shouldn’t have too much trouble moving it around, and it packs away on any of its sides in storage.

And the market position it occupies focuses on urban dwellers or anyone else without surefire parking security or a lot of storage space.

According to Roofnest, the Meadowlark addresses a need its customers asked it to fulfill.

“Since its founding 6 years ago, Roofnest has always been a hardshell rooftop tent brand. Introducing our first-ever softshell tent [which] takes the brand in an exciting new direction,” said CEO Bob Africa.

“Our customers — especially those living in urban areas — asked for a lighter, more easily storable tent. Meadowlark offers the comfortable, quick-deploying benefits of a traditional Roofnest in a lightweight, accessible package and price point.”

roofnest meadowlark

Roofnest Meadowlark Features, Specs, and Preorder Info

Unlike many of the company’s hardshell tents — which, like other RTTs, rely on guy lines and poles to set up — the Meadowlark pops up with more minimal effort. Remove the cover, use the telescoping ladder to fold the tent out, flip up the interior U-bar, and you’re done.

It also takes up less roof space than many RTT entries. That leaves room for other toys up top, according to Roofnest. At 47 inches long, 44 inches wide, and 12 inches tall when closed, it’s over a foot narrower than the company’s next most compact entry, the Condor.

That leaves enough room for a bike on most standard roof rack crossbars.

roofnest meadowlark

The tent opens to 80 inches long, 43 inches wide, and 46 inches tall. And a 2.5-inch-thick, double-density mattress inside provides room for two adults.

The key to the Meadowlark’s easy, any-orientation storage is its lightweight but robust construction, Roofnest said. Clearly, it doesn’t hurt that it weighs only 90 pounds.

Finally, it also ships faster than most other Roofnest units due to its lighter weight and compact stowed profile.

You can preorder the Meadowlark now for ​​$1,395, which is $200 below its category-appropriate $1,595 MSRP. The company says the first orders should arrive by October.

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