Roadside Relief: Thule Awning Deploys Quick Shade

A simple hand crank unfurls 8 to 10 feet of shade under the HideAway Awning, preparing you for peak-sun naps or intermittent showers.

Fit your roof rack on top, bikes on the rear-mount, and still have space for an awning. That’s the idea behind the HideAway Awning, Thule’s new release for spring.

Longtime maker of vehicle racks (since 1942!), Thule expands its offerings for 2018 with the introduction of the HideAway Awning. The awning operates with a simple hand crank and uses aluminum construction and spring-loaded tension arms.

Because the awning mounts next to roof racks, you still have access to the top of your car. Thule sells a variety of rain blockers, side shades, and other accessories separately to add versatility to the product.

Hideaway Awning: What You Get

The HideAway Awning sits on the side of your roof, measuring one of two lengths: 8.5 or 10 feet. It comes in direct-mount and rack-mount versions. The 8.5-foot version costs $750, and the 10-foot version costs $800.

Once attached, a turn of a hand crank projects the 8.5-foot awning 6.5 feet. The 10-foot awning projects 8 feet. And they weigh 39 and 44 pounds, respectively.

The awning fabric is UV-treated and waterproof. Setup doesn’t require batteries and takes a few minutes. The brand claims the internal cassette can operate smoothly for years.

Complete Setup: Customize Your Shade

Where the awning really shines – or should I say shades – is its attachments. While the HideAway works best for vertical shade, Thule also makes sun blockers and rain blockers that fit onto the awnings three sides.

With the rain blockers, the awning becomes an impromptu home inside a rainstorm. And the sun blockers provide relief during morning and evening sun hours.

For those who want new options for lounging, the Thule HideAway takes up a negligible amount of space on your roof and sets up for added comfort on the road.

This post is sponsored by Thule. Click here for more info on its new line of awnings and awning accessories.