AEV ram prospector xl 20th anniversary edition overland

Dodge Ram Overland Overhaul: AEV ‘Prospector’ XL

American Expedition Vehicles converts the iconic Ram 2500 truck with burly upgrades to key components for off-road use.

AEV ram prospector xl 20th anniversary edition overland

The XL in “Ram Prospector XL” stands for two things: extra large, and the roman numeral 40, the same number as its massive 40-inch tires. The special-edition Prospector XL celebrates American Expedition Vehicles‘s (AEV) 20th anniversary this year.

With upgrades to the suspension, tires, bumpers, and bed, the brand still touts a factory-quality ride.

To get the modified truck, you first need to own a base Dodge Ram 2500. From there, AEV will go to work. The total build adds about $31,000 to the base price Ram, and only 20 will be produced. AEV does the conversion for you.

AEV ram prospector xl 20th anniversary edition overland

Ram Prospector XL 20th Anniversary Edition

AEV specializes in engineering and manufacturing Jeep Wrangler and Ram 2500/3500 accessories, like snorkels, bumpers, and suspension.

The goal of this build was to increase the RAM’s adventure capabilities, like towing campers and hauling heavier loads, without sacrificing ride quality.

The company validates its products in an annual overlanding trip to test various real-world scenarios.

Suspension and Tires

To fit 40-inch tires on the truck, AEV upgraded the suspension and wheel well. The suspension utilizes AEV’s DualSport Ram 3-inch suspension. Made for everyday use, the suspension lifts the vehicle up and maintains ride quality, handling, and payload.

AEV ram prospector xl 20th anniversary edition overland

With the extra lift, 40×13.50R17 Toyo Open Country M/T tires fit.

The suspension system’s Bilstein 5160-series remote reservoir shocks smooth out rugged terrain.

Front Bumper

A 4mm-thick steel face adds strength and impact resistance. The front bumper boasts a  Warn 16.5ti winch, bumper-mounted fog lights, and a 20-inch LED bar. Two ductile-iron tow loops on the bumper, tested to 30,000 pounds, double as Hi-Lift jack points.

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In spite of the bumper strength upgrades, the construction maintains the original airflow characteristics of the factory bumper. And a 23-gauge stamped-steel AEV Heat-Reduction Hood with two vents reduces under-hood temperature.

AEV ram prospector xl 20th anniversary edition overland

Additional Prospector XL Features

Air intake: The truck comes with a raised air intake or snorkel. Made from light and strong polyethylene, it provides clean air for combustion.

Bed rack: For securing your gear, AEV claims an “infinite” amount of options with its proprietary bed rack.

Wheel well: A kayak-inspired rotomolded polyethylene increases the radius. The structural improvements tested through 40- to 140-degrees Fahrenheit.

Paint job: A custom paint job completes the build, with mountains along the side and AEV branding.

American Expedition Vehicles

Together, these components comprise one burly overland beast. If the complete build isn’t for you, most of the AEV components are available on its website.

The Prospector XL 20th Anniversary Edition is assembled in Wixom, Mich., and a majority of AEV parts are manufactured near Detroit. To secure one of the 20 iterations of this special edition, call the AEV sales team .

AEV ram prospector xl 20th anniversary edition overland

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