Is ‘Overland’ Car Camping? Vehicle Adventure? Get 5 Expert Perspectives

Is ‘overlanding’ the act of driving a vehicle a long way through places vehicles usually don’t go? Is it just car camping? Or is it nothing more than a licensed brand? Answer: It’s complicated.

Demonstrably, overland travel can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Get five thorough, informed perspectives in this clip from Blue Ridge Overland Gear.

One colorful take: “I think about going places I’ve never been before. I think about kayaking with icebergs or poking lava with a stick.”

Another choice nugget, from a dated dictionary definition: “‘[people] traveled by ship to this point, and then they traveled overland from there to get to this point.’ So it’s comparable to now. They didn’t know where they were going; they thought they were looking for something but they didn’t know where to find it, so they were just going to go explore and find it.”

Join the noise with this scrutiny-inducing edit.

Runtime: 17 minutes

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What to Bring Overlanding: Tools and Tips for a Successful Adventure
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