Arc'teryx shell fabric being assembled

Arc’teryx Launches ‘ReBird’ Upcycled and Circular Gear

Brand new, saved-from-the-landfill, packable Arc’teryx gear, at a discount? Yes, please.

Today, Arc’teryx launched its own circular product program in an effort to extend the longevity of your outdoor gear, and keep gear and fabrics from going to waste. The program, called ReBird, consists of three initiatives: Arc’teryx used gear, Arc’teryx ReBird upcycled gear (new!), and the brand’s care and repair services.

But the star of the show for sure is Arc’teryx’s digital ReBird platform, which will consist of upcycled and repurposed products at heavily discounted prices.

“At Arcteryx we have always built products that last, and durability is crucial to how we see ourselves contributing to a more circular economy,” said Katie Wilson, Senior Manager of Social & Environmental Sustainability. “It enables us to do fun work like make new product from old, resell used gear, and repair.”

The brand also hopes this program will be a major step in reaching its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65% by 2030.

Arc’teryx ReBird: First Products

Arc'teryx tote bags made of multi-colored repurposed fabrics

Arc’teryx has launched ReBird with three initial travel-friendly, outdoor-oriented, stowable styles. There’s a tote, a shell, and a packable travel pouch. Three awesome and versatile staples for both outdoor and urban use.

“Top-quality materials saved from waste, and worn-beyond-optimum-function gear are reimagined, to gain new life as a series of unique custom offerings,” described Arc’teryx.

ReBird Pouch

Arc’teryx makes this pouch ($35) from upcycled, post-consumer materials in various colors, fabrics, and styles. It measures 9 x 5 inches (approximate volume of 1 liter) and weighs just 22 grams. It’s what Arc’teryx is dubbing streamlined “Salvage style” — just stash, grab, and go.

ReBird Tote

Arc’teryx makes this tote ($65) from upcycled, post-consumer materials in various colors, fabrics, and styles. (Specifically, it’s made from used jackets returned to the brand.) Lightweight, durable, and with pockets galore.

Stowe Windshell — Men’s & Women’s

Arc'teryx stowe windshell made from reclaimed fabrics

The Stowe Windshell ($179) uses end-of-the-roll materials reclaimed from the production process, ensuring that less (or no) material goes to waste. So it’s not used, not upcycled, but still sustainable in its own way. Arc’teryx describes it as a lightweight, weather-resistant “performance hoody.”

Right now, the ReBird products are available in North America (U.S. and Canada).

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