9 Flips, Then A Freefall

During a weekend BASE jumping road trip in the Nevada desert, Mark Broderick tucked into nine — 9! — straight flips off of an antenna tower.

The film, shot by Broderick and JT Holmes on GoPro cameras, is part of a larger clip that you can see here; it shows several angles of the jump.

We dare you to watch Broderick’s perspective without yelling “Pull your damn chute!”

Billy Brown

Billy Brown has a problem sitting still. His constant search for the next challenge has him doing everything from running ultramarathons and climbing 14er’s to gaining 40 pounds to compete in powerlifting, breaking several state records and growing a killer beard in the process. With over a decade of writing under his belt, his work, covering action sports, gear, and beer, can be found in a variety of publications. He lives with his wife and their two cats in Sacramento, California.