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Sandal Scandal: Entire Truckload of Bedrock Mountain Clogs Stolen — Brand Asks for Help

Bedrock Sandals was 'targeted' by thieves who stole an entire truckload of the company's popular Mountain Clogs.

Bedrock Mountain Clogs(Photo/Bedrock)
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In early September, Bedrock Sandals was expecting a shipment of its popular Mountain Clogs. When it launched the product in February, the clogs sold out faster than anyone expected. They accidentally went viral on TikTok, getting tens of millions of views. GearJunkie was one of the first outlets to review these radical clogs, and our tester fell in love with them. The hype was real, and the folks at Bedrock were stoked.

But as the brand waited for its inventory, anticipation turned to confusion, and eventually to anxiety. The shipment was nowhere to be found. Had it been lost? Was there some problem with the delivery?

It was a mystery. Until Bedrock saw its clogs popping up for sale on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and on other third-party websites. That confirmed it: the clogs had been stolen. And the thieves were selling them to unsuspecting customers who likely would have otherwise bought directly from Bedrock.

“We suppose it’s an honor to make something so epic that it would be stolen, but in reality, it hurts,” Bedrock wrote in a statement about the clog heist. “We’re a small Montana business working to create the highest quality products and customer service we can imagine. These aren’t losses we can easily absorb.”

Bedrock isn’t giving up, though.

Despite the setback, it’s plodding ahead with a new shipment it’s expecting in October. And in the meantime, Bedrock is asking people to refrain from buying Mountain Clogs from anyone, anywhere online, except directly from its website or from an authorized Bedrock retailer. “At this time, any other source … is likely selling stolen goods,” said Bedrock.

The Mountain Clog Heist

Bedrock Mountain Clogs

Bedrock’s clogs are a highly functional design for outdoor slipper/sandals. They slide on and off easily at the trailhead when you’re changing into or out of active footwear. They offer closed-toe protection and a Vibram sole for long walks or day hikes. They’ve got fully adjustable straps so you can adjust them to your bare feet or wear them with socks when temps are lower.

And, they look good enough, you can wear them après activity, too. Our tester noted, “I find myself reaching for these clogs often. They’ve become my go-to shoes for wearing to the trailhead, and I immediately slide them on when I get back from a run. Then I’ll wear them to the coffee shop, or anywhere around town.”

The Bedrock Mountain Clogs come in in both a leather version ($175) and a synthetic version ($160). When the new shipment of clogs arrives, they will be available in three colors: Brown Leather, Synthetic Gray, and an all-new Sagebrush Leather Suede. They feature a zero-drop profile that gives the wearer a very grounded feel. And a cushy footbed makes them comfortable to wear all day long.

Buy From Bedrock — Not the Bandits

(Photo/Sam Schild)
(Photo/Sam Schild)

Making these clogs takes time. Bedrock said it’s a meticulous process with a lengthy production. “We poured all our best sandal DNA into these first-ever closed-toed schist kickers …” Bedrock wrote us. “And then they were stolen.”

Bedrock has had to scramble to refill such a significant order. But they’ve managed to make it happen. Fresh clogs are on the way, Bedrock assured GearJunkie. By mid- to late-October, it expects that a new shipment of its clogs will arrive.

Until then, the brand requests that customers don’t buy Bedrock Mountain Clogs from a third-party marketplace. And, if you see someone selling new Mountain Clogs online from any site besides bedrocksandals.com or from authorized Bedrock retailers, send Bedrock an email at support@bedrocksandals.com and let them know.

“We’re working closely with local and federal law enforcement to resolve this case,” Bedrock said. “But in the meantime, any information about where our clogs are being illegally sold is very appreciated.”

To stay in the loop on when Bedrock Sandal’s new shipment of Mountain Clogs will be available, sign up for the brand’s email newsletter list.

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