Danny MacAskill Debunks Climate Change Myths One Trick at a Time

In his latest production, ‘Climate Games,’ MTB stunt rider Danny MacAskill hopes to elevate the conversation around climate change. And he’ll pedal across a wind turbine blade 260 feet in the air to get your attention.

The remarkable MTB stunt cyclist known as Danny MacAskill takes his talents to entirely new heights — physically and metaphorically.

In his latest production, “Climate Games,” we find the 35-year-old Scot pouncing inside, up, and through the top of a 260-foot wind turbine before pedaling across one of its 164-foot blades. And although it may not all be fun any games these days, MacAskill and his team seem intent on using levity to inspire serious action.

Danny MacAskill on a wind turbine in the mtb-stunt film 'Climate Games'.

MacAskill, a longtime Red Bull athlete, gained notoriety through his quirky mountain bike-oriented stunt films more than a decade ago. Lately, however, he’s used his platform to forge powerful partnerships over sustainability initiatives. For “Climate Games,” MacAskill coordinated with YouTube Originals and Google.

The stunt film is a fundraising tool for environmental nonprofit Re:wild. To donate, head to the “Climate Games” video on YouTube and hit the blue “donate” button. Alternatively, make a one-time or recurring donation to the fund at rewild.org.

Once you’ve let MacAskill inspire you out of a dollar or two with “Climate Games,” check out his behind-the-scenes footage below.

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