Denver E-Bike Rebate Maxes Out 3 Weeks After Launching

The city of Denver received 3,250 applications for its e-bike rebate program — and for now, that will be all.

On Wednesday, May 11, Denver officials announced they had temporarily reached capacity for e-bike rebates in their Climate Action Rebates program. Therefore, they will not be accepting additional applications at this time.

“Thank you, Denver, for your enthusiasm for making the switch to e-bikes!” says a notice the city of Denver posted on its website. “We’ve received 3,250 rebate applications, 40% of which are income-qualified,” it continued.

Climate Action Rebate Program

Launched on April 22 by Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency (CASR), the program offers e-bike rebates for Denver residents. Income-qualified residents could obtain a $1,200 rebate to purchase a new e-bike.

In addition, e-cargo bikes could fetch an additional $500 rebate. All other residents are eligible for a $400 refund on buying a new electric bike.

“The whole idea of this program is to get people to use these bikes instead of their cars,” says Christine Ford, general manager at Elevation Cycles in east Denver. “Lots of people have come in asking or called us over the phone.”

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Enthusiasm for E-Bikes

As of Wednesday, May 11, the program received 3,250 applications, triggering the temporary hold.

“I think we’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm for this program,” CASR spokesperson Winna MacLaren said. “We’re seeing a really clear demand and desire for people to get e-bikes and try a new form of getting around town.”

Denver set aside $9 million in aid for this program for the next 3 years. So while applications are on pause, the city will reopen them throughout the year. You can stay in the know and sign up for notifications.

Current e-bike vouchers can be redeemed at any participating bike shop in Denver within 60 days.

More info on the CSAA program is available here.

Denver’s Participating Bike Shops