Dew Tour 2020 at Copper Mountain

Live Ski and Snowboard Coverage From Dew Tour: Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and More

Pro skiers and snowboarders from around the world are gathering in Copper Mountain, Colo., yet again for the Dew Tour competition. And the stakes are high with it being an Olympic qualifiers event.

What exactly is Dew Tour? It’s more than 200 athletes from 17 different countries competing in ski and snowboard superpipe, slopestyle, and adaptive snowboard slalom. It’s the best of the best of ski and snowboard competitions.

We’ll have coverage streaming in live from the event over the next few days, so be sure to check back here for more news, updates, and winning results.

Why Dew Tour Is a Big Deal

The U.S. Snowboard and Freeski teams have had a packed competition season. Halfpipe, big air, and slopestyle teams competed at the Big Air FIS World Cup (Dec. 2-4) and the U.S. Grand Prix FIS World Cup (Dec. 8-10) earlier this month.

Plus, many winter athletes are riding full-steam toward the 2022 Beijing Olympics Winter Games.

Maggie Voisin skiing slopestyle competition riding a rail on a park feature at Copper Mountai
(Photo/Dew Tour)

This weekend, skiers and snowboarders will compete in slopestyle and pipe competitions at the Winter Dew Tour, one of the last Olympic qualifying events on U.S. turf. (Dew Tour was also an Olympic qualifier for freeskiing and snowboarding back in 2014 and 2018.)

Needless to say, Dew Tour is where the action is. And if you aren’t going in person, our live coverage is the place to be.

Many athletes riding at Dew Tour are vying for points to make their way up the FIS rankings, which factors into their Olympic qualifications. Who will podium at Dew Tour? Which skiers and snowboarders will rise to the top ranks? Stay tuned to find out.

Halfpipe Coverage

The halfpipe competition has athletes competing inside Copper Mountain’s 22-foot superpipe. In the finals, each athlete will get three runs (scored on a 100-point system) to show their stuff. The best one of their three runs determines their final rank.

Men’s Ski

Here are the 10 male freeskiers who made it onto the start list for finals:

  • David Wise, USA
  • Noah Bowman, Canada
  • Nico Porteous, New Zealand
  • Brendan MacKay, Canada
  • Lyman Currier, USA
  • Aaron Blunk, USA
  • Alex Ferreira, USA
  • Simon D’Artois, Canada
  • Hunter Hess, USA
  • Birk Irving, USA

Final winners

  • Gold: Alex Ferreira, USA
  • Silver: Aaron Blunk, USA
  • Bronze: Brendan MacKay, Canada

U.S. athletes Birk Irving and David Wise followed up the podium pack in places fourth and fifth.

Men’s Snowboard

Here are the 10 male snowboarders who made it onto the start list for finals:

  • Ayumu Hirano, Japan
  • Ruka Hirano, Japan
  • Yuto Totsuka, Japan
  • Shaun White, USA
  • Andre Hoeflich, Germany
  • Chase Josey, USA
  • Taylor Gold, USA
  • Jan Scherrer, Switzerland
  • Valentino Guseli, Australia
  • Joey Okesson, USA

As expected, several athletes from Japan and the U.S. have stacked the ranked in the top 10. Though the big surprise was U.S. snowboarder Danny Davis, who finished 12th, just short of making it to finals.

Final winners

  • Gold: Yuto Totsuka, Japan
  • Silver: Taylor Gold, USA
  • Bronze: Ruko Hirano, Japan

Women’s Ski

eileen gu dew tour
Skier Eileen Gu on her second run in the women’s halfpipe final; (photo/Mary Murphy)

Here are the eight female freeskiers who made it onto the start list for finals:

  • Eileen Gu, China
  • Kelly Sildaru, Estonia
  • Zoe Atkin, Great Britain
  • Fanghui Li, China
  • Hanna Faulhaber, USA
  • Cassie Sharpe, Canada
  • Brita Sigourney, USA
  • Kexin Zhang, China

Final winners

  • Gold: Eileen Gu, China
  • Silver: Kelly Sildaru, Estonia
  • Bronze: Hanna Faulhaber, USA

Women’s Snowboard

Here are the eight female riders who made it onto the start list for finals:

  • Maddie Maestro, USA
  • Chloe Kim, USA
  • Xuetong Cai, China
  • Queralt Castellet, Spain
  • Mitsuki Ono, Japan
  • Ruki Tomita, Japan
  • Sena Tomita, Japan
  • Haruna Matsumoto, Japan

Similar to men’s halfpipe, Japan absolutely dominated the women’s halfpipe board. Though, U.S. pros Maddie Maestro and Chloe Kim have still got to be the favorites headed to finals.

Final winners

  • Gold: Chloe Kim, USA
  • Silver: Queralt Castellet, Spain
  • Bronze: Cai Xuetong, China

Slopestyle Coverage

mens ski nick goepper USA
Slopestyle third place winner U.S. skier Nick Goepper; (photo/Mary Murphy)

Men’s Ski

Here’s how slopestyle works: Competitors will get three runs to show their skills. They are scored on a point system out of 100. Here are the 10 male freeskiers who made it onto the start list for finals:

  • Colby Stevenson, USA
  • Oliwer Magnusson, Sweden
  • Fabian Boesch, Switzerland
  • Nick Goepper, USA
  • Etienne Gagnon, Canada
  • Evan McEachran, Canada
  • Alex Hall, USA
  • Mark Hendrickson, Canada
  • Mac Forehand, USA
  • Finn Bilous, New Zealand

Final winners

  • Gold: Colby Stevenson, USA
  • Silver: Alex Hall, USA
  • Bronze: Nick Goepper, USA

Men’s ski slopestyle finals saw a ton of talent, but U.S. athletes ended up dominating the podium. Moreso, both first- and second-place finishers are from Park City, Utah: 23-year-old Alex Hall and 24-year-old Colby Stevenson.

Women’s Ski

Same as the men’s competition format, female slopestyle skiers will compete in three runs, where they are scored on a 100-point scale and then ranked by their best run.

This time at Dew Tour, qualifiers were postponed, meaning the whole field of 16 freeskiers will compete in the three-run final. Skiers to watch in the women’s slopestyle include Eileen Gu — who could potentially podium twice in one day in slopestyle and halfpipe — and Sarah Hoefflin, Giulia Tanno, Johanne Killi, Mathilde Gremaud, along with frontrunner and fan-favorite Tess Ledeux. Plus, U.S. skier and Dew Tour rookie Bella Bacon.

Final winners

  • Gold:  Tess Ledeux, France
  • Silver: Eileen Gu, China
  • Bronze: Johanne Killi, Norway

Women’s Snowboard

Speed was a huge factor with the women’s snowboard slopestyle competition Saturday morning, with big names like U.S. riders Jamie Anderson, Julia Marino, and Courtney Rummel (finishing in 4th place) missing the podium spots.

Final winners

  • Gold: Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, New Zealand
  • Silver: Enni Rukajarvi, Finland
  • Bronze: Kokomo Murase, Japan

Men’s Snowboard

Men’s snowboard slopestyle finals saw an absolute epic performance from all the top athletes, but U.S. athlete and reigning Dew Tour 2020 champion Red Gerard ended up pulling the first place spot with his final run. A third U.S. pro snowboarder Sean FitzSimons finished in fourth place behind snowboard star Mark McMorris.

Final winners

  • Gold: Red Gerard, USA
  • Silver: Chris Corning, USA
  • Bronze: Mark McMorris, Canada

Adaptive Snowboard Slalom

The only adaptive event at Dew Tour, 16 male and 10 female athletes will compete on the adaptive snowboard slalom course. They’ll be timed on two runs, and the fastest of two runs counts. The women will compete first, then the men.

Women’s final winners

  • Gold: Kiana Clay, USA
  • Silver: Peggy Martin, USA
  • Bronze: Annika Hutsler, USA

Men’s final winners

  • Gold: Matti Suur-Hamari, Finland
  • Silver: Owen Pick, Great Britain
  • Bronze: John Leslie, Canada

Dew Tour Live Rankings

We’ll be updating athlete rankings and results as fast as possible throughout Dew Tour events. See official Dew Tour results here. 

The U.S. Grand Prix in January 2022 is the last challenge before athletes find out who (on the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team) will make it onto the Olympic teams.

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