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Emerging Gear: Magnetic Microfiber, Titanium Scork, Hammock Table

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

Hanging Hammock Table

hanging table

Take your picnic into the trees with the Treble Hang Table. This outdoor hanging table straps to three trees and suspends above the ground. It holds up to 300 pounds and works between a cluster of hammocks to place dinner, books, or water bottles. Or skip the hammocks and sit around the Treble Hang like a normal table. When you’re done eating, the Treble Hang fits into a small stuff sack, much like a hammock. The Treble Hang Table is on Kickstarter now for $85.

Buck Knife 112 Slim Ranger

Slim down your everyday carry with the 112 Slim Ranger from Buck Knives. The 112 Slim builds upon the 112 Ranger with a durable Micarta handle that lowers weight and thickness yet maintains the same rigidity of the original 112. Additionally, the 112 Slim Pro uses S30V stainless steel and Buck’s Edge2x technology, which holds an edge longer and is easier to resharpen. The 112 Slim Knife is available now for $100.

Titanium Scork

vargo titanium scork

Have you heard of a Scork? No, that wasn’t a typo. Vargo adds on the classic spork design with a can and bottle opener at the other end. It’s made of titanium, so it’s strong and light. The Scork weighs 0.4 ounces, measures 6.2 inches long, and costs $15. If this design catches on, maybe the Scork will be the new spork.

Origami Bag

orgiami bag

A large storage space and two handles: Bags are gear pieces that rarely receive innovation — until now. Meet the Origami Bag, a large section of fabric with handles that fold to hold objects with magnetic microfiber. The material sticks to itself. All you have to do is stick the black fabric to the gray fabric like the positive and negative ends of a magnet. And tests show the fiber stays connected while lifting a 50-pound kettlebell. This design conforms to uniquely shaped objects, be it a yoga mat, produce, skateboard, or whatever. Check out the Origami Bag and its magical magnetic microfiber on Kickstarter now for $69 Early Bird.

Kistler Aerogel Jacket

kistler aerogel

Aerogel insulation continues to enter the mainstream in a slew of Kickstarter products using the revolutionary insulation. The latest is Kistler, which claims its jacket is the warmest and thinnest. Kistler took the insulation and modified it to be more flexible without sacrificing warmth. The brand created a thin 3D mesh of Aerogel to help flex and make a more comfortable jacket. Kistler is launching a number of jackets on Kickstarter now, with the Series 3 jacket being the least expensive for $225.

PWR 27 Power Station


The PWR 27 is one of the more rugged power stations we’ve seen. From RoamProof, the PWR27 is dustproof, waterproof, dropproof to 1,000-plus feet, and crushproof to 2 tons. But beyond durability, this charging station boasts a lot of power. It can charge five devices at once with a 27,000mAh battery yet is still airplane carry-on approved. For context, you can charge an iPhone X 10 times, a MacBook Pro twice, Bose headphones 50 times, and a DJI Mavic Pro twice. The PWR 27 is on Kickstarter now for $229 retail.

The Smallest Bag

Declutter with a folding bag that packs down smaller than a golf ball. The Smallest Bag is dubbed the lightest and thinnest bag out there — save for maybe a plastic grocery bag. The brand claims the bag is useful for unexpected needs: Think pencils, pens, bottles, and other random accessories you may pick up throughout the day. For materials, The Smallest Bag uses a dustproof polyester with a nylon handle. This tiny bag is on Kickstarter now for $9.

DAHU Ski Boots

Dahu Boot

A new launch in the U.S. for 2019, DAHU says its boots provide “pain-free performance.” The brand intends these boots to fit comfortably off the shelf from day one. It does this by giving skiers a soft, removable inner boot that slides inside a wide-opening Grilamid polyamide composite shell. But the brand claims these are performance boots with consistent flex at all temperatures.

Explora One OB/VS


Dubbed a sneaker that works like a hiking boot, the Explora One from brand OB/VS uses premium materials for a nice look on the trail and in the town. The Explora One has a merino wool liner to limit odors and manage moisture, a hydrophobic leather upper to shed rain, and Vibram XS Trek rubber outsoles. So while these shoes look perfect for the city, hidden inside is tech to handle the trails. The Explora One is available now for $178.

'Distinct' Multitool

distinct multi tool

Credit card-sized multitools have been around for a bit. And at first glance, Distinct is but another 30-plus multitool. But the main differentiator with the Distinct is the ability to swap out bits to suit your needs. The Distinct comes with 10 hex bits, and you can swap out ¼-inch bits to your liking. Further, the Distinct has a spoke wrench set, wing nut tool, wrench set, bottle opener, box cutter, wire stripper, and much more. The Distinct is on Kickstarter now for $35 Super Early Bird.

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