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Emerging Gear: Tammock Tent-Hammock, LifeProof Cooler, Recovery Lotion

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

tammock hammock
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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

Shiftpod XL

Shiftpod xl burning man tent

Keep the desert party going under the comfort of a heat-reflecting tent with Shiftpod XL. Expanding on the Shiftpod2 design, the XL is 14 feet across and has a 6-foot-wide door as well as five doors with connectors. To reflect the heat, Shiftpod uses a 12-layer composite fabric with a proprietary sealing system. So the Shiftpod XL reflects not only heat but light too. And because of its connectors, you can connect other Shiftpods, making a veritable tent city. The Shiftpod XL is on sale now for $1,999.

James Brand Hell Gap

james brand hell gap

Minimal knife company James Brand releases its first fixed blade, the Hell Gap. It comes with a Micarta handle and a 3.8-inch-long S35VN steel blade. The Hell Gap weighs 3.1 ounces, is made in the USA, and is named after the Hell Gap arrowhead found in Platte County, Wyo. Shop the Hell Gap knife here in black ($335) and green ($299).

Snowpeak Dog Cot

Snow Peak Dog Cot

Snowpeak released its first dog collection with items like a leash stake, collar, leash, and, most notably, a Dog Cot. For your pooch’s afternoon nap, the Dog Cot is an elevated stainless steel platform with cotton canvas for snoring. It’s made in Japan, weighs 1.5 pounds, and comes with a storage case. The Dog Cot is available now for $143.


It’s a tent! It’s a hammock! No, it’s the Tammock! From LIT Outdoors, the Tammock is a freestanding hammock-tent — basically a hammock inside of a tent. It functions as a tent but can also be used as a standalone hammock. And much like the majority of tents on the market, the Tammock has storage pockets for your valuables, a mesh fly, and a waterproof rainfly. The Tammock is on Kickstarter for $299.

Gocycle GX

gocycle fast

Get to your workplace and fold up the Gocycle GX in 10 seconds. A fast-folding e-bike, the GX is one of Gocycles’ latest bikes. To fold fast, the GX uses Gocycles PitstopWheels, which operate much like car wheels. It uses six bolts that fasten to the hub on only one side. This lets the wheel fold inward quickly and take up less space. With an aluminum frame and 300Wh battery, the GX can travel 40 miles on a 7-hour charge. The GX costs $3,299.

Tuxy Storm

tuxy storm

Introducing a new genre of apparel: Tuxy releases the Storm onesie to take on all sorts of weather. Promo videos show Tuxy Storm users riding bikes and motorcycles, sailing, and driving. So it appears to have some versatility. The Tuxy Storm is rain-proof and breathable. It has a cargo pocket, taped seams, stretchy fabric, and strategically placed vents. From its design, it seems like this would be one to wear in the storm of the century. The Tuxy Storm is available now for $199.

LifeProof Backpack Cooler

Lifeproof Backpack Cooler

Just when you thought the waterproof backpack cooler game couldn’t get any bigger, LifeProof joins the scene. With the LifeProof Backpack Cooler, you can fit beers, lunch, and ice and expect it to stay cold while out and about. According to the brand, it keeps ice for 48 hours and has an external zipper pouch and side pouch. The most interesting detail is its price, $70, making it significantly cheaper than what we tested in our Best Backpack Cooler review.

Hyperlite NorthRim

hyperlite north rim

Trek off trail, through slot canyons, and into the backcountry with the Hyperlite Mountain Gear NorthRim. Available in two sizes, 55L and 70L, the NorthRim is made with Hyperlite’s signature — burly Dyneema fabric. It also has hip-belt pockets, compression straps, an axe loop, and a grab loop. It functions with a roll-top design, should last for just about forever, and weighs just shy of 2 pounds. The Northrim 3400 and 4400 cost $410 and $450, respectively.

PR Lotion

pr amp lotion

“Apply PR Lotion before your workout to go longer, go harder, and recover faster,” states the press release for PR Lotion. Let me explain: While PR Lotion has lofty claims, those rest upon its patented absorption technology and sodium bicarbonate. According to the brand, once you spread the lotion on your muscles, it absorbs into your body and neutralizes the acid in your muscles, enhancing recovery. And it’s backed by science, with stats provided by the brand. Studies show an 11-percent increase in lactate levels, a 25-percent increase in intervals completed to exhaustion, and a 53-percent decrease in delayed-onset muscle soreness. We haven’t tested this lotion, so we don’t know it works. But it’s available to purchase for $35 per bottle so you can test it for yourself.

Funblue Gimbal

Smallest 3 axis Gimbal

The Funblue claims to be the smallest foldable, three-axis gimbal. It fits in your pocket or hand and uses a three-axis design for steady shooting no matter where the subject moves to. From the handle, you can zoom in and out, shift focus, follow or track subjects, perform panoramas, and use filters. The Funblue is on Indiegogo now for $99 early bird.

Hang Solo

hang solo

Hang without trees in the Hang Solo, made by Thunder Domes. A portable hammock camping stand, the Hang Solo is made of seven independent hubs and 14 struts. It assembles in 5 minutes and is great for the city, beaches, or anywhere else without trees. The assembly requires zero tools, and aluminum construction accounts for its 12-pound weight. The Hang Solo is on Kickstarter now for $165.


Brightloc U Lock bike light

Combine two commuting essentials, a bike light and a lock, into one with the Brightloc. The Brightloc functions as a U-lock with mounts to attach beneath your seat and on your handlebars. Then when you’re ready to lock up your bike, take off each light, and they connect together like a U-lock. The beams shine up to 1,000 lumens, and the U-Lock is a double dead-bolted 4 x 8-inch maximum-security lock. Brightloc is on Kickstarter now for $54.

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