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Colorado Has (Another) New Climbing Gym

G1 Climbing + Fitness is the newest addition — and now the eighth climbing gym — in the Greater Denver Area.

G1 Climbing + Fitness held a grand opening this weekend in Broomfield, Colorado. Less than 20 miles from both Denver and Boulder, it’s in a strategic spot.

Walking in, the new gym shares lots of similarities with other larger gyms: There’s a fairly large floor area with top-rope and lead climbing, a few bouldering areas, and fitness and training rooms as well.

G1 Climbing + Fitness will offer bouldering and lead climbing, climbing clinics, and yoga classes. But G1 isn’t just a climbing gym. It will put a big focus on fitness, with dozens of personal training and conditioning classes each week.

G1 climbing walls

“We have all the amenities of a standard gym, but we also have an in-house physical therapist and offer climbing-specific fitness classes,” said founder Jason Haas.

In total, G1 offers 25,000 square feet of climbing. It hopes to grow its following by hosting youth and women’s climbing clinics and climber meet-ups on a regular basis.

Haas, who has lived in Denver, Boulder, and Broomfield over the years, even helped open other gyms before he started this one. “I’ve lived in Broomfield for the past 10 years,” he said, “And I just saw a need for it.”

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Having a lot of gym experience also meant that Haas knew how he wanted to make G1 unique. “All of our route-setters are USA Climbing Level 4 certified or higher,” commented Haas.

“We are the only gym in the country that can say that. These are setters who really care about their craft, so obviously we love the feedback that we’ve gotten that people love the routes.”

The facility joins Earth Treks, The Spot, Ubergrippen, Movement Climbing + Fitness, and the Denver Bouldering Club in Colorado’s rock gym lineup.

Whether or not you already have a gym membership (I’m looking at you, Earth Trekkers and Movement-ites), G1 is worth checking out.

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