‘Give a Buck’ Program: Get Gear, Do Good on Gear.com

The Give a Buck program gives 10 percent back with each purchase. And it sends an equal amount to somebody else who needs gear to get outside.

Buy a tent or backpack at checkout and take 10 percent back in cash credits for your next purchase. Better yet, Gear.com kicks in another 10 percent for free — and you can tell the company to send the credited amount to anyone you choose.

Organizations like Outdoor Outreach, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Lynsey Dyer’s SheJumps are charity options. Or you can send the 10 percent to a friend or family member in need of gear.

One more thing: First-time customers can use a coupon code (LABORDAY15) for an extra 15 percent off anything on the site.

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Gear.com ‘Give a Buck’ Charity

Gear.com kicked off the Give a Buck program this year. People have already given tens of thousands of dollars. As a result, charities and volunteers now pick up free gear from the site for the teams and kids they support.

Every time someone buys gear on the site, someone else can benefit. The charities above introduce people to skiing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

“The reality is, we’re all extremely fortunate to be out there enjoying mental and physical benefits of being outdoors,” Gear.com noted. “But there’s no way around it: These sports are expensive, and as a result, the industry is less diverse than the population at large. We have to be candid and acknowledge that sometimes the cost of the right kind of coat or the right pair of shoes is a real barrier to people who otherwise might want to try out these sports and activities.”

Get full details on the Give a Buck program here.