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Facebook Is Making a Big Change to Your News Feed

Two simple steps to keep seeing GearJunkie stories on Facebook.

GearJunkie Facebook Page

As you may know, Facebook is changing the way you receive information. In an effort to ensure “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions” are seen most often, Facebook will prioritize posts from friends and family and deprioritize posts from the pages you follow.

And while we’re all about cutting down on “fake news” and staying connected with friends, we want to make sure we’re still able to deliver the latest gear updates and outdoor news to you. Luckily, you can choose what you see with two simple steps, so you’ll keep seeing your favorite GearJunkie updates on Facebook.

Two Simple Steps to Connect on Facebook

Step 1: Like and follow us on Facebook.

Facebook Algorithm Changes, Subscribe to See GearJunkie Posts

Step 2: While on GearJunkie’s Facebook page, click the “Following” button under the cover photo and select “See First” to see our stories in your news feed.

Follow GearJunkie Facebook on Mobile

And that’s it! A quick click will keep you connected on Facebook and up-to-date on the latest gear news.

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