Get A Tissue: Brother Carries Brother Over Finish Line

Brothers cross the finish together in pain, pride, and love. Warning: get your tissues ready.

World Champion Alistair Brownlee rushed to the aid of his exhausted brother Johnny just a 1/2 km from the finish of the Triathlon World Series, hauling the pair to a 2nd-3rd place finish

World Champion Brothers Brownlee

Johnny was leading the final leg of the triathlon championships in Cozumel, Mexico. A win would have sealed the title for the 26-year-old Brit.

But just a few hundred meters from the finish line, Johnny hits the wall hard and stumbles into the crowd. His older brother Alistair, 28, the 2012-2016 Olympic gold medalist in the triathlon, was in a tight race for second place when he came upon Johnny.

Alistair broke stride to hoist his brother and help him across the finish line. South African Henri Schoeman took the win as Alistair eased his brother ahead, securing second place for Johnny and taking 3rd for himself.

If this doesn’t tug your heartstrings, you may need to have your heart checked.