Kilian Jornet Wins Hardrock 100 With Arm In Sling

Kilian Jornet is tough as nails. The renowned ultramarathon runner just won the Hardrock 100 with his arm tied behind his back.

Kilian Jornet

Well, not literally behind his back. The sling, supporting his injured shoulder, was tied in the front. But Jornet’s win is one badass accomplishment.

The Hardrock 100 Endurance Race is a revered event. The mountainous trail race crosses 100.5 miles of rugged Rocky Mountain terrain near Silverton, Colo. Runners must cross 13 major passes from 12,000′ to 13,000′.

Jornet finished in 24:32:22, his fourth-straight Hardrock win, and he did it with an injured, apparently dislocated shoulder. He ran with the injury for nearly 86 grueling miles.


Jornet fell while running around the 14-mile mark. As reported by, Jornet continued with just one pole, and his arm tucked against his body.

Later, he was seen getting bandaged up. He continued on, his arm taped against his body, with a single trekking pole in the other arm.

Jornet’s finish is another classy end to one of the world’s premier races, and another inspiring moment from Kilian Jornet. Last year, he finished in a tie, hand in hand with fellow runner Jason Schlarb.

With the win, Jornet adds another notch to a year of incredible accomplishments. In May, he summited Mount Everest, twice, in one week!

Watch the finish and interview with Jornet, below.

Hats off to Kilian Jornet and the other Hardrock 100 finishers. Once again, you give us all something to look up to.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to correct the distance at which Jornet fell and injured his shoulder.

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