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Sasquatch Hunter Fires Gun in National Park

Bigfoot crossing signPhoto credit: Alan Levine
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A couple camping at Mammoth Cave National Park claims a gun-wielding man warned them they were in ‘Bigfoot country.’

Park rangers at Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park would like to remind visitors that discharge of a firearm within the park is “strictly prohibited.” And that’s even (or in many cases, especially) if such use pertains to encounters with Sasquatch.

That’s because Sunday, around 2:00 a.m., Mammoth Cave Law Enforcement Rangers responded to reports of gunfire near a backcountry campsite, according to park officials and WBKO.

“Park rangers made contact with all parties involved and no injuries occurred,” Molly Schroer, Mammoth Cave management assistant, said. “While no threat remains in the park, this incident is still under investigation by park law enforcement officials.”

Sasquatch ‘Threat’

That “threat,” according to the couple sleeping at that campsite, was an unidentified man with a gun — and the Sasquatch he claims tore apart his own campsite.

Madelyn Durand and Brad Ginn were at a backcountry site when they woke up “in the middle of the night to strange noises” and encountered a man claiming his site was destroyed.

“He said, ‘I hope you have weapons,’ and then he flashed his gun at us and was like, ‘I have this so if anything happens to you then just yell and I’ll come,'” Durand told WBKO.

Ginn told reporters the man added they were in “Bigfoot country” before heading off.

The couple said they returned to sleep but awoke to gunshots soon after. They then called 911 and hiked 5 miles back to their car, where they met with park rangers, the report said.

Although carrying a loaded firearm in a national park is legal pursuant to local regulations, firing or hunting with it is widely prohibited under Title 36 of federal regulations.

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