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You Could Win a ‘Golden Ticket’ to Shop at Melanzana by Attending This Film Festival

Charlie, meet Leadville's Willy Wonka.

a woman stands on the street in front of the Melanzana storeThe Stories Worth Telling Festival is your best bet to snag some Melanzana whenever you want; (photo/Melanzana)
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Melanzana grid fleece is very, very difficult to get your hands on. That’s part of the appeal!

The brand only sells products from its Leadville, Colo., store, customers have to make an appointment, and are limited to two appointments a year (and two items per appointment). But, if you’re in the Leadville area tomorrow, you might have a chance to bypass the need for an appointment, thanks to the good folks at the Stories Worth Telling Festival.

The film fest is a short-format show centered on meaningful, impactful storytelling. The current roundup is showing on Saturday, October 14 (tomorrow), from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Leadville Tabor Opera House.

Should you be sitting in the audience (adult tickets are $25 each), you have a chance to be one of 10 people randomly selected for a “Golden Ticket.” The Golden Ticket grants you entry into Leadville’s magical and elusive Melanzana store (no appointment needed!) and buy one garment whenever your sweet fanny pleases.

Hard to beat that! And you get to watch some groovy short films on top of everything else. Good luck, residents of Leadville and fortunate passers-through. Think of us here at GearJunkie when you toss that warm fleece over your head.

If you need more incentive other than a chance to get your hands on a wicked exclusive cozy Mellie, check the film trailer for the festival:

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