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Rad Rides: Mongoose Relaunches Iconic Retro BMX Bikes

The year is 1984. You’re 12 years old, and summer vacation feels like a dream with a special outcome. The next 100 days become one endless, repeating arc of waking up at noon, slamming two or three bowls of sugary cereal, and then heading out for the day’s adventures on your bike.

The question is: What are you riding?

If you fit that age bracket, your fantasy had to be a Mongoose. For the bad boy stealing pizza from the mall food court and skulking around the arcade, it was the Supergoose.

And if you styled yourself the All-American wonderboy, with flowing locks, a pocket full of bubble gum, and the awe-inspiring ability to land a gainer off the high dive on cue, it was the California Special.

This week, Mongoose brings them both back — and everything that comes along with them. Put down your Atari joystick and dream a little dream of retro shredding with Mongoose Classics bikes.

mongoose classic bikes
(Photo/Nate Simmons)

Mongoose Classic BMX Bikes: Supergoose, California Special

The Supergoose and California Special will be faithful “repops” of the original bikes (catch a glimpse here), using reproduction parts to emulate the originals in precise detail.

The geometry, materials, construction, and original spec will be the same down to the seat clamp, brakes, and colors.

mongoose classic bikes
(Photo/Nate Simmons)

The California Special receives Mongoose’s super-stout steel BMX frame, with the pass-through bracket up front to handle hard landings. The Supergoose’s looptail frame features “chromo” (Chromoly), cutting-edge back in the day for lightweight resilience.

Both revivals roll on Mongoose Pro Class drilled rims.

mongoose classic bikes
(Photo/Nate Simmons)

Don’t forget the rad, branded Velcro pads — the one on the top tube can be especially critical for protection during gnarly slams. Dia-Compe MX brake sets, à la the originals, complete the kits.

mongoose classic frame pad
(Photo/Nate Simmons)

We don’t know what’s more fun; side-by-siding the reissues with pages from the original catalogs in the ’80s or reading the catalogs themselves. (The slight differences between the catalog images and the reissues reflect some options unavailable for the reissues).

classic mongoose ads mongoose classic bikes

Mongoose Classic Bikes Release Details

Get psyched and keep an eye on Mongoose for more details. And we mean it — the limited-run bikes are scheduled to release on an unannounced date this fall.

In what Mongoose calls a “special treat,” they will come packaged in the same litho-laminated white box from the ‘80s, with classic Mongoose artwork. The Supergoose and California Special will retail for MSRP $550 and $450, respectively.

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