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Mount ‘Trumpmore’: Group Plans Massive Melting Ice Sculpture

Antarctic iceberg in the snow
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A new organization hopes President Trump will rethink climate change. To get his attention, they’re planning a Mount Rushmore-style bust on a melting glacier.

Image courtesy: Melting Ice

A Finnish group is raising money to carve a massive ice sculpture of the president’s head into an Arctic glacier. Called Melting Ice, the group plans to livestream the 115-foot-tall monument until it thaws. And it’s all to raise awareness about global warming.

The organization hopes to raise nearly $500,000 through crowdfunding and sponsorships to fund the project, which they’re calling Project Trumpmore.

Sculpture on a Glacier

A team of Finnish and Mongolian ice sculptors expects to take four weeks to carve a bust larger than those on South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore. The group will use a melting glacier in the Arctic, where they say global warming’s effects are most apparent.

Currently, the group is in search of the specific location for the monument. Once found, Melting Ice will livestream the construction.

“There are still people who ponder whether [climate change is] a real issue,” said Melting Ice Chairman Nicolas Prieto. “Our starting point was to create something concrete, something people can see, and something that makes climate change visual … Often, people only believe something when they see it with their own eyes.”

Climate Change ‘Hoax’

President Trump has repeatedly called global warming a hoax and has spearheaded numerous policies weakening regulations put in place to combat global warming. These include repealing the Clean Climate Plan and leaving the Paris Climate Accord, two of the previous administration’s largest efforts to combat climate change.

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The president has also joked he would like to see his effigy added to the stone carvings of Mount Rushmore National Monument. He told a South Dakota congresswoman that it’s his “dream” to be included in the granite cliff, according to  the Argus Leader.

He might actually get his wish – even if this bust doesn’t last as long as those carved in stone.

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