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Outdoor NFTs: Digital Craze Will Hit National Parks in 2022 With Rewards, Giveaways

NPS NFT Composite (Images National Parks NFT)(Images/National Parks NFT project, Mixart.io)
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Blockchain startup Mixart.io is developing a collection of 4,625 unique national park NFTs (nonfungible tokens). They will give holders access to outdoor classes, experiences, and gear.

National Parks NFT is a new membership-rewards concept that pairs nonfungible tokens with real-world adventure. It begins with artwork related to one of 63 U.S. national parks. Each piece of art serves as an uncopiable record that gives its owner access to the NFT Holders Club.

Here’s what we know.

The National Parks NFT Project

NPS NFT artwork National Parks NFTs
(Image/National Parks NFT project, Mixart.io)

So, if National Parks NFT tokens function like membership rewards cards, what’s the point of tying them to digital artwork? It turns out that the art for each token is functional too.

Each NFT has a unique set of characteristics that hold the key to accessing and unlocking various rewards (sort of like an Easter egg you might find in a movie or video game). By combining different characteristics found in the artwork of a single NFT, a member can unlock a litany of benefits.

“One example is that we may partner with a company that offers discounted hiking boots, but to be eligible, you must hold an NFT that has a hiking trail in the artwork,” explained National Parks NFT founder Mick Gow.

Those interested can buy a token to the NFT Holders Club from now until the project’s “final minting day,” which Mixart.io says will occur in late January of 2022. Beyond the members’ perks, the NFT team plans to partner with blockchain-connected sustainability and carbon-offset groups.

Early adopters can expect the following benefits from their tokens:

  • National park annual pass giveaways (limited to 20 early adopters)
  • Gear giveaways for camping, hiking, and general outdoor use
  • Workshop giveaways for hiking, photography, and other outdoor activities
  • Travel package giveaways for transit, accommodations, and experiences
  • Exclusive discounts on gear, travel, and workshops from partner brands
  • Custom NFT Holders Club swag

How to Join the NFT Holders Club

At the time of writing, the company claims it’s 90% prepared to launch. Phase 1 will mark the launch, including approximately 2,300 tokens related to 30 national parks. Phase 2, the final minting, will release the remaining tokens and designs for the other 33 parks. Also included in the final minting are Multi Park NFTs, which will give owners extra benefits within one NFT.

As of Dec. 20, a photo-based contest is underway for special, early access to whitelisted NFTs. To get special access and become an early-bird NFT owner, you must submit an outdoor photo to the photo contest happening in the National Parks NFT Discord channel.

The organization has yet to disclose purchasing and pricing information for phase 1 and 2 releases. Gow indicated that 10% of the proceeds from phases 1 and 2 would benefit the National Park Foundation and like-minded charities. (The U.S. National Park Service is not affiliated with the NFT project.)

If this initial 4,625-token release drums up the kind of consumer support that Gow expects, he plans to drop a second wave that offers additional perks and functions. Augmented- and virtual-reality gamification apps and concierge tour guide services are at the top of the docket for the next generation of tokens. Reportedly, the group is also looking to expand its parks-focused fundraising options.

Those interested in nabbing a National Parks NFT are encouraged to join the organization’s Discord community, then follow the project on Instagram or Twitter. For additional information, head to nationalparksnft.io.

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