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Orvis Film ‘Follow The Water’ Explains the Plight of the Everglades

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Learn how conservationists fight to restore Florida’s Everglades in an Orvis video tracking efforts to address sustainable water use.

Decades of rapid development in Florida have not been great for Everglades National Park. Manmade interruptions to its watershed have dramatically impacted the health of its subtropical wetland ecosystem.

For one, a significant amount of water pours from the Everglades into the massive Lake Okeechobee and stops there. Orvis wanted to showcase the situation in no uncertain terms.

“As a result, the amount of fresh water that reaches Florida Bay is less than half of what it should be,” company president Simon Perkins says. “I’m not an engineer; I’m not a scientist. But when you look at how we tried to artificially create something that was never meant to be, you can understand how it’s not a viable solution.”

The company’s latest YouTube video follows conservationists to understand how to address this problem. They talk with ecosystem experts, who explain what could happen to the Everglades without sustainable stewardship.

Check out the sincere short film, and head over to the Orvis website to learn more.

Runtime: 13.5 minutes

(Photo/Sima Skafar, Shutterstock) Everglades received $1 billion in funding from the Biden Instrastructure Law

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