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Wanna Drive the Wienermobile? Apply Now

Think you’re the schnitzel? It takes a special breed to earn the responsibilities of a ‘Hotdogger,' which include 'uniting millions around a love of meat.' Here’s how to apply.

oscar mayer weinermobile driversHotdoggers; (photo/Oscar Mayer)
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Famous vehicles with their own identity make up a short list in America. The Batmobile. The Gravedigger. The Mystery Machine.

But of them all, there’s only one shaped like a huge wiener, and that iconic, cylindrical vehicle’s fleet owner is actively seeking drivers.

That’s right: It’s time to apply for a job driving the barnstorming, tube meat-shaped contrivance that has captivated American audiences for generations: the one and only Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Now through Jan. 31, recent college graduates can apply to work on the Wienermobile driver crew. Six of the rigs tour the nation each year, and they need a crew of 12 souls to drive, maintain, and promote them.

Those chosen dozen will earn their stripes, corny nicknames, and the timeless enshrinement as members of the 36th Hotdogger class.

‘Uniting Millions Around a Love of Meat’

The job lasts for a year, and it’s full-time.

Bent to the open road, you’ll visit 20-plus states, cover an average of 20,000 miles of highway, and promote Wienerhood everywhere you go through public-facing events and the coveted responsibility of not only driving your assigned vehicle but also handing out 250,000 “wiener whistles,” per Oscar Mayer.

“The Wienermobile is an American icon and one of our brand’s most prized assets, making the Hotdogger role an extremely important job,” said Ed Roland, Senior Manager Brand Communications for Oscar Mayer. “From traveling to events across the U.S. to regularly speaking with consumers and media on behalf of the brand, Hotdoggers operate as a marketing firm on wheels, providing invaluable experience to recent graduates, while continuing our mission of uniting millions around a love of meat.”

oscar mayer wienermobile drivers
(Photo/Oscar Mayer)

To slide between the proverbial buns, you’ll need to stand out from a robust class of wiener hopefuls. Oscar Mayer said it receives over 2,000 applications each year for the 12 roster spots. Translation? It’s statistically easier to get into an Ivy League university than become a Wienermobile driver.

But from another perspective, what would you trade for a year in the life of a Hotdogger?

I know my answer. Apply by Jan. 31. And hope that your application materials are hotter, juicier, plumper, and more perfectly garnished with squiggly lines of ketchup and yellow mustard than mine.

For everything you need to know, check out Oscar Mayer’s Hotdogger application form.

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