EcoFlow introduces its new portable air conditioner; (photo/EcoFlow)

Outdoor Air Conditioner: EcoFlow ‘Wave’ Cools Your Campsite

The ‘Wave’ portable outdoor air conditioner arrives with good claimed cooling performance and solid battery life.

Imagine chilling out at your campsite this summer. No, really — actually beating the heat and feeling “chill.” The new EcoFlow Wave portable air conditioner aims to help you enjoy the cooling comforts of the great indoors while exploring the great outdoors.

Created by EcoFlow, a portable power and renewable energy solutions company, the battery-powered, portable air conditioner launches today. It boasts super-cooling capacity for camp setups like tents, yurts, small cabins, vans, RVs, and just about anything else you can fit it inside of.

Its sleek, compact design (compared to a typical A/C) weighs in at around 40 pounds, so car campers can tote it just about anywhere.


EcoFlow Portable Air Conditioner

The EcoFlow Wave has multiple charging options, so you can run it virtually anywhere. Charging options include a solar panel power-up, in-car outlet, power station, or a standard outlet/wall socket.


For an uninterrupted night’s sleep, you can set the EcoFlow app for your desired run time. The tech-forward “smart battery allocation algorithm” also helps regulate cooling efforts by alternating modes based on battery life. It’ll intuitively change from cooling to fan mode based on the battery charge.

How Does It Work?

EcoFlow says the Wave will cool a space measuring 6-8 square meters by 9 degrees Fahrenheit (specifically, 84 degrees F to 75 degrees F) in 8 minutes. The company does not quantify how the unit would perform in a soft-walled enclosure like a tent.

The Wave’s cooling capacity is 1,200W (4,000 BTU). Its inverter compressor adjusts the motor speed according to the user’s spec. And the aforementioned algorithm supports cooling by knowing when to switch from cool mode to fan mode.

You can also set it yourself. To switch between temperatures and modes, use either the LCD screen on the unit or the app on your phone.

Wave_Camping_9 copy

The Wave’s 1,008Wh detachable battery gives an 8-hour max runtime. You can also leave the battery behind to cut weight in your kit if you plan on keeping it plugged in.

The unit itself weighs around 39 pounds. The battery pack checks in at another 17 pounds. To keep it out of the kitchen, so to speak, you can set it up outside with the removable duct.


Availability, MSRP

You can preorder the Wave now via EcoFlow’s website. Savings up to $1,100 on various packages are available until “32 days from now,” approximately June 12. The Wave alone, without accessories like an extra battery or a car charging cable; MSRP’s at $1,499.

Wave_RV_2 copy

The Wave is EcoFlow’s first electrical appliance. And the company hopes the release will help expand its overall ecosystem.

“EcoFlow’s vision goes beyond providing continuous, sustainable electricity,” says Thomas Chan, R&D director of EcoFlow. “We also want to offer the best living experience, anchored in a comfortable environmental temperature, by building a complete ecosystem which not only addresses power generation and storage but usage as well. The EcoFlow Wave portable air conditioner is the first step towards this goal.”

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