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Driver’s Seat Photography. Roll Down Window, and Shoot

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The photo that inspired the series; all photos by Alison Turner

In April, photographer Alison Turner’s trip of a lifetime to New Zealand did not start as planned; all her belongings, including her camera gear and clothing, were stolen from her van within hours of arriving on the island.

Fortunately, she had her iPhone in her pocket. With nothing more than the camera on her phone, she made these stunning images during the rest of her trip, proof once again that it really is the photographer, not the camera, that counts.

Turner explains the process of finding this style in her blog: “The first day on the road, I found a spot out in the country with fields of sheep (the photo shown above). I got out of the van to take their photograph but they all scattered and ran away once one of them saw me and got spooked. So I went back to the van and sat in it for a while to see if they would come back. I leaned back, hiding from the sheep in the van, and I took a photo from the inside and couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. I was actually in the place where I’ve seen so many beautiful landscapes. I’ve arrived.”

This travel photography is beautiful but very different from much of her work that has garnered attention from the likes of photo publications and National Geographic.

Check her out on Instagram via @alisontravels to see new work every day.

“I hope you feel as if you took a little tour of the country with these images,” she reports. “It’s a beautiful country with wonderful people. I will never forget it.” —Sean McCoy

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