Primus stove parts and repair tools scattered on table
Photo credit: Primus / Stina Hjelm

Primus Offers Free Stove Repair Parts in Push for Longevity, Sustainability

Do you know what’s cooler than a 4-ounce backpacking stove? A 4-ounce backpacking stove that will last forever.

This month, Primus Stoves is offering free replacement parts for its stoves. Yup, you heard that right. In an effort to be more sustainable, prolong the lifespan of its customers’ stoves, and reduce materials going to landfills, Primus is offering free replacement parts — so you can fix your stove instead of replacing it.

Now through March 31, Primus is offering replacement parts for its multifuel and backpacking stoves. Just fill out a request form, and they’ll help you out. There’s no charge for parts or service.

“It’s pretty special because not only is it a gesture of thanks to our customers, it’s also a sustainable approach to keeping stoves going longer,” wrote Primus.

man repairing primus backpacking stove on wooden picnic table
Photo credit: Primus / Oskar Hjelm

We agree — it’s pretty rad from a sustainability standpoint. And who doesn’t like free stuff? Also, if you don’t know how to fix or troubleshoot your stove, now’s the time to learn!

And don’t worry, after March 31, you can still get replacement parts for your Primus stove. But it’ll cost you a little (anywhere from $5 for a single repair part up to $35 for a parts kit). While it is a few bucks, it’ll still save you money and keep a stove out of the landfill.

Once you learn and learn how to make stove repairs, you’ll (ideally) never have to buy another stove again.

Get Free Stove Parts Here

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