Rumpl dog blanket with Loki husky sitting in back of car with gear and trunk open
Loki sporting the Rumpl dog blanket; photo credit: Samson Hatae

Sleeping Pad for Pooches: Rumpl Launches Camp Dog Bed

Today, Rumpl launched a new blanket on Kickstarter aimed to please a different audience — our dogs.

Popular blanket-maker Rumpl has partnered with Insta-famous pup Loki the Wolfdog to develop a better solution for camping with a dog. And after 2 years, the Rumpl x Loki Dog Bed system is here.

There are plenty of dog beds out there, but most aren’t portable enough to toss in a backpack. And most just aren’t made for outdoor camping and travel.

To address this, Rumpl redesigned its original puffy blanket to fit the needs of adventure dogs. Rumpl’s dog bed is two-fold: a stuffable dog blanket with an integrated self-inflating pad for extra cushion.

Rumpl dog bed system

The blanket itself consists of a DWR-coated 30-denier ripstop polyester on the top and an abrasion-resistant waterproof underside for when you’re out in the elements. In addition, the blanket is reversible to a soft fleece lining to give the system an extra element of coziness.

“As a dog family that is constantly traveling on the road, we really have to be selective about the kinds of gear we take with us,” said Kelly Lund, Loki’s owner.

In terms of packability, it’s definitely lighter and more packable than other dog beds. The small and large blankets pack down to just 8 and 10 inches tall, respectively. Although, if you choose to purchase the full system — both the blanket and the self-inflating pad — just know the items pack into separate stuff sacks.

Still, the entire system is pretty much what we humans rely on for camping: two items that, put together, create a sleeping system and pack down to fit in almost any backpack or road-trip vehicle.

Why a Dog Bed?

Based on feedback from customers, dogs love Rumpl blankets too. But the brand knew it needed to make the pup-exclusive blankets more durable. To do that, Rumpl added an antimicrobial coating to repel dog slobber, mud, dirt, and fur, and corner loops so you can stake it down at the campsite.

“We wanted to create a dog bed with portability and travel in mind in order to make sure your dog is comfortable everywhere you want to take them,” said Wylie Robinson, CEO and founder of Rumpl.

So far, the “testing” process has consisted of Loki the Wolfdog sleeping, shedding, and scratching on the blanket (and it’s held up). Once the Rumpl x Loki dog bed hits the market, we’ll be sure to have our in-house doggos test it further, both in the office and in the great outdoors.

Kickstarter prices for the dog bed are $149 for the small blanket, $169 for the large blanket, $199 for the small dog bed system, and $249 for the large dog bed system (with the pad). Retail prices will go up when the product hits the market.

Mary Murphy

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