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Photo courtesy of SABRE Frontiersman.

Bear Spray Recall: SABRE Warns Frontiersman Canister May Not Discharge

The voluntary recall includes bear spray canisters that do not expire until 2024.

Personal Safety brand SABRE last week recalled some canisters of its Frontiersman bear spray, noting that affected products may fail to discharge “during a time of need.”

The brand said the affected canisters have a yellow nozzle and expiration date codes — listed on the bottom of the can — between February and June 2024. According to SABRE, anyone who owns a canister of Frontiersman bear spray that meets both of those criteria should perform a test burst to confirm whether or not the product is faulty.

To test your spray (if it meets the above criteria), check out this tutorial from SABRE:

SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray Recall: How to Test

SABRE asks that customers who own Frontiersman bear spray with an expiration date code of 2/2024, 3/2024, 4/2024, 5/2024, or 6/2024 perform the following test to confirm whether or not their spray is faulty and should be replaced:

  1. Go outside to a safe area away from others.
  2. Place your forefinger through the hole in the handle with your thumb on the safety clip curl.
  3. Pull the safety clip straight back on-off using your thumb.
  4. Point the canister approximately 45 degrees toward the ground in the downwind direction.
  5. Depress the actuator tab lightly for a very quick burst of spray. If your canister sprays, then it is not subject to the recall (see the related video).
  6. Replace the safety clip by firmly pressing with your thumb until an audible “snap” is heard. No gap should be between the actuator and the safety clip.
  7. Wipe the nozzle with a paper towel and discard the paper towel.

If your canister fails to discharge — and you purchased it directly from SABRE — go to SABRE’s recall page, fill out the Authorization Form and email it to Returns@SabreRed.com.

However, if the canister does discharge, the brand notes that it is not included in the recall and no further action is necessary.

If you have any questions, contact SABRE directly at 1-800-325-9568 or email CustomerSupport@SabreRed.com.

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