Who Belongs on a Bike? In ‘Beyond the Binary,’ the Answer Is Unequivocal

Black queer cyclist KC Cross uses their power on the pedals to understand their own identity — and interpret the sport on their own terms.

Shimano’s new film “Beyond the Binary” illuminates KC Cross’s journey as an advocate for a more accepting cycling culture. Nonbinary, Black, and queer, Cross doesn’t look like typical cyclists depicted in the mainstream.

Instead, they use biking to promote advocacy and inclusion.

“To me, nonbinary is the balance of my masculinity and my femininity,” said Cross in the film. “It’s fluid, but it means something different to every single person.”

Filmed in 2021 in Fayetteville, Ark., Shimano‘s “Beyond the Binary” explores cultural intersections within cycling and beyond. It highlights mental health, gender inequalities, being Black in America, and how Cross has found healing and their community through cycling.

“Looking to change the [cycling culture], as we all know it needs to be changed,” admitted Cross. “I think we’re on the right path to doing this. We have done some really cool things with Bike POC. Cycling is a major outlet for me.”

KC Cross’ story is ultimately their own, but it has something for all of us.

Runtime: 9 minutes

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