No Parachute (just a net) In Skydive Stunt

Yesterday over the California desert, Luke Aikins became the first skydiver to intentionally jump from a plane without a parachute and live. The stunt, where Aikins lands in a giant net, was broadcast live.

See the video above. The feat is stunning, as Aikins, age 42, skydives with a group from a plane at 25,000 feet. His team pulls their chutes and lets him fall away on his own.

Skydiver Luke Aikins Jump Without parachute
Skydiver Luke Aikins jumps without parachute, lands in a giant net

He falls for more than 2 minutes. There is no parachute on his back. But far below is a net.

Aikins moves his body to aim, spinning and using his arms as wings. The moment before impact, Aikins spins, landing on his back, and the huge net absorbs the impact.

He lies motionless for a few moments. The net is lowered. Then Aikins stands, arms outstretched in celebration, his wife and his team greeting him with hugs. A wild record and a slim escape from what would otherwise be certain death.