specialized tarmac sl7 recall
Specialized Tarmac; (Photo/rzoze19, Shutterstock)

Recall: Specialized Warns Deep Potholes Can Crack Tarmac Road Bikes

If you have a Specialized SL7 Tarmac frame, take it to your local dealer for a free repair — but don’t ride over any potholes on your way there.

In a voluntary recall, Specialized advises all SL7 Tarmac owners to stop riding their bikes immediately. The brand says harsh frontal impacts, including hitting a “deep pothole with significant force,” can crack the steer tube.

So far, the incident has been reported twice with no resultant injuries.

All Tarmac SL7 bikes and framesets are subject to recall. If you have a Tarmac, you can distinguish whether it’s an SL7 by looking for the cable routed through the headset (see image below).

An integrated cable routing headset. If Specialized didn’t equip your bicycle with this system, you are not affected. (Photo/Specialized)

Specialized says your bike is also unaffected if it has a typical headset and stem clamping design (see below.)

specialized tarmac sl7 recall

Expander plugs and compression rings in the headset cause the issue. To remedy it, contact your local Specialized dealer for a free repair. To find the closest authorized Specialized retailer to you, click here.

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