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Strava’s Recent Surge Propels It Past 100 Million Users

Strava reported that it reached 100 million users as of Wednesday. A meteoric uptick in activity among athletes on the platform helped it surpass 7 billion recorded activities.

Strava is popular. Just how popular, though, might surprise you — especially recently.

The company said its running- and cycling-based platform ticked past 100 million registered athletes on May 25. According to its activity stats, those 100 million folks have kept themselves extraordinarily busy lately.

Amazingly, 2.5 billion of the platform’s 7 billion overall activities came in the last year and a half.

Michael Horvath and Mark Gainey founded Strava in 2009. By the numbers, that means 35% of the platform’s total activity has poured in during just 11% of its existence.

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“The number of Strava athletes has grown tremendously, doubling in size in just the last two years,” reported “The growing community on the platform has covered over 50% of the world’s edges and has documented and told the story of their athletic efforts with over 89.5 million photo uploads.”

More Strava Growth?

As its global athlete community grows, the company has also announced that it will offer an exclusive subscription discount to high school and college students. Eligible young athletes will qualify for a 50% annual discount on the platform’s paid side, granting access to route planning, goal setting, training logs, and more.

“In the last two years, we’ve seen a tremendous shift in the importance of movement and sport in people’s lives,” Horvath said. “Strava has become the record of over 100 million athletes’ active lives, and we’re excited to continue this journey by investing deeply in our team and in developing best-in-class tools to connect athletes to what motivates them and helps them find their personal best.”

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