person in Iceland with a snowboard on the edge of a snowy mountain cliff
Arc'teryx in the Westfjords of Iceland; (photo/Arc'teryx)

Surf, Snowboard, Synth: Film Explores Human Creativity Through Sport and Music

Making a film is especially tough when you rely on Mother Nature to produce something like waves, snow, or a certain light.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on The Inertia.

The Westfjords of Iceland is a region with wild weather, wild mountains, and an even wilder coastline. The makers of “Creation Theory” took on a daunting task when they decided to rely on this landscape for their film. And the concept behind it is a big one.

In broad strokes, “Creation Theory,” presented by Arc’teryx, is about identifying the sources of human creative expression. It marries surfing, snowboarding, and music, three creative endeavors done in three different mediums.

Ben Sturgulewski and Ben Moon, the minds behind the film, wanted to put surfer Pete Devries, snowboarders Elena Hight and Robin Van Gyn, and musician Griff Washburn of the band Goth Babe into a raw, powerful place to delve into the birth of the proverbial spark of creativity.

They wanted to trace that path to their ultimate creative expression: surfer on wave, snowboarder on peak, and musician on stage.

“I got interested in how the most macro levels seem to parallel the most human, micro-level moments of creating a song or looking at a wave or a mountain and seeing a line,” Ben Sturgulewski told Malcolm Johnson for Arc’teryx.

“Those are forms of creation to themselves. And at the same time, Justin Sweeny at Arc’teryx had the idea of making a film about the connections between surfing, snowboarding, and music.”

“Creation Theory” launches on Nov. 30. Stay tuned to Arc’teryx’s website for info on how to watch the full film.

Runtime (trailer): 1 minute

This article is sponsored by Arc’teryx. Learn more about the film online.

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