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‘The Great Danish Paddle’: Casper Steinfath to SUP 900 Miles Around Denmark

connor steinfathCasper Steinfath in the Sea of Kattegat in 2021; (photo/Jakob Gjerluff Ager via Red Bull Content Pool)
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‘WTF am I doing?’ We’re also wondering that as we follow along with Casper Steinfath on his latest long-distance adventure.

We’re all familiar with type one and type two fun. So at this point in 2022, our minds are continually blown by people sharing their astounding athletic escapades. They often seem impossible or so laborious that they couldn’t be any type of fun.

Enter six-time SUP World Champion Casper Steinfath, a self-described adventure addict and cold-water enthusiast who is currently paddling 900 miles around Denmark on his standup paddleboard.

The “Great Danish Paddle” is in full swing.

Why Paddle Around Denmark?

“I dream of rediscovering my backyard and meeting people along the way, and I guess this project is sort of an excuse for that,” said the 28-year-old Danish man of his current pursuit. Though humble, Steinfath is no stranger to long-distance, endurance SUP adventures.


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In 2017, he embarked on an 18-hour, 26-minute mega mission through the Skagerrak Strait from Denmark to Norway. The 90-mile crossing took him through some of the most volatile waters in the world. Steinfath completed the endurance paddle on his second attempt.

Now, the wild waterman is currently paddling around Denmark in a live-tracked personal challenge.


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After a year of planning, scheming, and preparing, Steinfath took off on April 2, 2022. He embarked from Klitmøller, his hometown in northwestern Denmark.

Now nearing Day 41, Steinfath pulls closer to finishing his mission. “I love pushing myself as a human,” he told The Inertia. “I felt like I was drawn to this adventure, to know if it was possible to circumnavigate Denmark by standup paddle and conquer the seas. It excites me to see what it takes to actually do it.”

Still, myriad challenges beset his path.

“I have 6-10 hours a day on the water thinking, ‘What the f*ck am I doing?’ I really envisioned a glamorous, heroic trip, but the reality is, I’m laying on the beach in a tent, frozen — way beyond what I signed up for,” he said.

“But at the same time, I know it’s cliche, but the journey is really the destination. Every single morning I need to psyche myself up mentally and somehow find the energy to get back on the water.”

Paddling Around the Peninsula

Steinfath is traveling with two paddles, dry bags full of his necessities, and his 14-foot paddleboard. He’s also got his phone and has been busy posting updates to social media.


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A post shared by Casper Steinfath (@cj_steinfath)

Drop in and follow along as Steinfath continues in his quest to circumnavigate Denmark by paddle.

We’ll be wondering if the adventure results in type one, type two, or maybe even type three fun for the Danish lad. So far, it looks like a mix of all three.

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