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Hyperlite Launches Online Beta Hub: Answer Your Hiking Questions at ‘The Trailhead’

Hikers, both novice and advanced, have a place to share knowledge and advice with the new digital community hub, The Trailhead.

Remember those dark days of finding your way to random parking lots with generic maps? The days when tracking down a new hike or peak meant zooming in on your phone to squint at nameless roads and, generally, getting lost?

Well, a message board, launched today from Hyperlite Mountain Gear, aims to supply hikers with a place to find answers to their most pressing questions. Meet The Trailhead, an online community hub that allows backcountry adventurers to gather online.

Hikers from around the world can use The Trailhead to discuss gear and route details, as well as climate conditions and closures, or to post stories and photos.

the trailhead community hub
A screenshot from The Trailhead web page.

‘The Trailhead’: Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Current categories on the site include Advocacy, Routes and Trails, Stories, Essentialism 101, The Gear Lab, and Expert Advice.

“Just about any topic relevant to the world of ultralight backpacking and adventuring can be found within these sections,” the company said in its announcement.

Future features will include live question-and-answer sessions, member polls, master classes, and previews of content. Members can contribute alongside some content from Hyperlite Mountain Gear.

While the hub opens to the public today, the company’s staff and athletes have already tested it. Examples of current posts include, “What is your favorite vegetarian or vegan backpacking meal?” and, “How to become a professional ice walker.”

One contributor posted the full gear list of Will Peterson, the long-distance hiker who recently crushed the 48-peak, 200-mile White Mountains fastest known time.

Generally speaking, you never know what you might learn in conversations with outdoor folks. Check out The Trailhead and join one — or start your own.

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